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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 2 | 11 Come join with us as we seek to break the chains of human sexual trafficking in the United States. Founded by "Doc" Nave and Diena Cannavino, BAT is a non-profit that educates, empowers, counsels and mobilizes members of the motorcycle community to make a difference in this age old war. Check out our Facebook page at BikersAgainstTraffickingFL or our website to learn how you can get involved and start making a difference today. 407-300-8971 It seems as though it was a story right out of the "Walking Dead" television show. Jesus, ever being the person who pushed boundaries and go into areas where everyone else was afraid, had taken a boat, but it might as well have been a bike, to this remote location on the other side of the Sea of Galilee. The location that Jesus sought was one where skulls were cast all about, broken bones and rotten fish dotted the landscape and the smell of evil, of half dead flesh hung in the air as a reminder that this area of the Seashore was not safe. Mark 5:1 tells the tale and when the Biblical writer paints the scene for us, he tells us in no uncertain terms that Jesus walked into an area that was scattered with tombs. A dead man's zone where there was this lunatic running around naked with chains hanging from him. The Bible says he was demon possessed and one can imagine his long, jagged nails, scrawny build, ratted out beard and the scars and tats would have covered him from head to toe. This was not just some "bad" dude, this was a demon possessed dude who had allowed Satan to totally invade his body, mind, and spirit. Jesus stepped foot into the dead zone and this maniac came running full speed towards Jesus and the few disciples who had braved getting out of the boat with him. It was probably his sergeant at arms, perhaps VP but whoever it was, they stepped out with fear and trepidation as they would have heard the rumors floating around about this devil's triangle near the sea. The demon possessed guy came running towards Jesus and right before he arrived, he was forced to his knees and with the scream that only a desperate man could yell, he filled the air with his question, "What are you doing here?" I can imagine the other disciples of Jesus scrambling back to the boat where it was safe, but Jesus was just standing there and in that direct confrontation with the demon dude, Jesus tells it to leave and the broken, naked man is now free. It is at that point that the story gets interesting because after being set free the formerly demon possessed man wanted to ride with Jesus and go wherever Jesus went but Jesus didn't let him. Here was a follower who wanted to follow but Jesus said, "You cannot come along." Instead, Jesus told the guy to turn around and tell everyone he knew what had happened to him. In other words, Jesus made it a point to say that some are called to go tell those they know about Jesus while others are called to go into the lands where Jesus has not been taught. But whichever camp in which you fall, the call is to go "tell" what you know or more importantly go tell about "what" you know. How Jesus saved your life, your soul and set you free. At Bikers Against Trafficking, I have the privilege of being the President and it is my call to go and tell others about what is going on. To let people, know that every year there are roughly 300,000 teenagers being sold into sexual slavery in the United States and that at present there are roughly 1.5 million sex slaves being forced to do things that are unimaginable (just in the US). They all cry out but like the demon possessed guy... sometimes... must go to help set them free. That is my calling. To reach those on the fringes, in places where many do not enter, where few want to know what is really going on. It is my call to go battle Satan on the front lines and to reach into the darkness and grab the bony fingers of the devil and snap them off, one by one. I work to help those caught in human sex slavery get out and then to provide them with the hope, healing and renewal that can only come via clinical trauma therapy and the grace of Jesus Christ. That is my calling but today there is a more important question. What is your calling? Which of the two ways are you being led? To go where no one has gone and tell others about Jesus? Or to turn around and tell those you know about all that Jesus has done for you? Either way, we all have a calling and today the question just lingers, "What are you doing about your call?" There are plenty of churches, motorcycle outreaches and ministries that exist and if you are not "actively" involved with one then I would challenge you to start. The world is a desperate place, and it desperately needs Jesus. Peace out, Doc! Dr. Patrick Nave Hope, Healing & Renewal Family4today.org SojournersRecovery.org BikersAgainstTrafficking.org Bikers Against Trafficking Devotional B y D r. P a t r i c k N a v e Bikers Against Trafficking Devotional WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 2 | 11

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