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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 1 | 9 Law Tigers Member Attorney, Patrick DiBenedetto, loves to ride. "Freedom, challenge and relaxation is why I ride. There's something about opening the throttle on a beautiful stretch of two lanes that frees the mind. Riding creates a special space in which my mind is allowed to be free. For the time I'm on the bike, I get to clear my head. I get to channel all of my mental energy into the ride, the road, and the machine – it's peaceful and it's freedom at its base level." It's one of the reasons he loves working with Law Tigers, so he can use his skills as an attorney to help riders who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. He truly has a passion and profound dedication to help those injured by the negligent or intentional acts of others. Patrick is never one to shy away from a difficult case. In fact, he is eager and willing to take on the most complex cases including cases involving motorcycle injury and motorcycle industry law. When he's not helping his clients, he's out enjoying the open road. "Not only does riding give me a chance to refresh my batteries, but it is also, in my opinion, the best way to experience the scenery, culture, and community this great country has to offer. I love riding to new places, eating in local bars and restaurants, and meeting new people in the riding community." DiBenedetto's been taking in a lot of scenery on his trip around the country on his motorcycle. In 2021, he traveled up to the Spring Fling Rally in Arkansas where he got the chance to meet and hang out with our friend Adam Sandoval. In addition to a trip to the Hideout Rally in New Mexico and participating in the Realities Ride in May, he traveled up to the pacific northwest to attend some events in Washington and Oregon. After another trip to New Mexico in July to meet for a trial lawyers college staff training, DiBenedetto packed his bags to get ready for the 2021 Sturgis Rally. And, of course, he's been spending a lot of time riding around in the Rockies. What's next for DiBenedetto? "I've got two bucket lists, one for the U.S. and the other is international. In the U.S., I want to ride the Tail of the Dragon, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the PCH (but I want to go from San Diego to the Canadian border all along the coast). Internationally, I really want to ride New Zealand, both the North and South Islands). I would also like to ride from the Normandy beaches in France to the Eagles Nest in Germany, following the allied advance in World War II." You can follow along on all his motorcycle adventures on Instagram @ LawTigerPatrick, and if you see him out on the road, be sure to say hi! "As a lawyer for Law Tigers practicing in Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon, I am very proud to be a part of the riding community and I am humbly honored to serve my brother and sister riders who need help. Every day, I am reminded again and again that our riding community is one of the most genuine, loyal, and charitable groups of people in the United States." W H Y I R I D E 1-800-LawTigers LawTigers.com – Patrick DiBenedetto, Attorney at Law

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