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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 1 | 17 LAW OFFICES Statewide www.SharkSquadMotorcycleAttorneys.com 800-319-3573 Proudly supporting our military, 24/7 Free MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS Hollywood Dave: Hey Rob, I don't have medical insurance what can I do? Rob the Shark: Not to worry Dave. You know a lot of people don't have medical insurance. Not everybody can afford good medical insurance. If God forbid you went down and you were injured, you don't have to worry about that when you come to Shark Squad. We are going to set you up with all the right doctors. We are going to refer you to all the specialists whatever doctor you need we are going to provide them for you. One thing we want to make sure, is that you fully recover. At the same me it is important for your case that we prove your injuries; without medical treatment how are we going to do that,? That's why we're well-connected with a great circle of doctors. Remember you don't need health insurance if God forbid you were involved in an accident and you end up coming to Shark Squad we'll take care of that for you. Hollywood Dave: You've got the answers I need Rob. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: Hey Rob, what determines how much my case is worth? Rob the Shark: Dave that is a great ques on! Some of the things that we must look at, are: What are your injuries? What is the extent of your pain and suffering? Your emo onal distress? Your economic losses such as your property damages they have a value as well. So, it starts with securing your case right. Ge ng you to the right doctors if you don't have health insurance. It starts with that basic phone call to us that's going to help us secure your case and build it up properly to prove all your damages and most importantly get you the highest se lement possible. Hollywood Dave: That is valuable informa on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: Do you have inves gators or do I need to hire an inves ga on service? Rob the Shark: You do not need to find an inves ga on service, you come straight to us. You come to the Shark Squad Motorcycle A orneys. We will provide the inves gators. We have plenty of inves gators that will go out to the scene of the accident. They will take measurements, they will take photographs and they will go one extra step that a police officer might not. Why? Because they are there to help us win your case so they are part of the team. We have plenty of them. You have nothing to worry about when you come on board. You have a full team behind you. Hollywood Dave: That's informa on everybody should know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: Hey Rob, you seem to give a lot back to the community. What are some of your favorite ways of giving back? Rob the Shark: You know Dave we love to give back to the community. We love the military, we love our first responders, we love our kids. We try to give back as much as possible by par cipa ng in the toy runs, the fundraisers, the special rides, we go to events and raise money and we donate some pro bono work. The community is very important to Shark Squad. The community supports us and we do everything to support the community. Hollywood Dave: That's why the community loves Shark Squad so much. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: Hey Rob, I don't know if my accident is worth an a orney. How can I know for sure? Rob the Shark: Give us a call. Our consulta ons are free. We are here 24/7. Ask for Rob. Talk to me directly. I'll tell you whether your case is worth pursuing from all kinds of different angles. And if we do decide to take the case, if we think you have a valid case, you have nothing to lose because we work on a con ngency fee agreement. If there's no recovery there's no fee. It doesn't hurt to call. You may have a great case and not even know about it. Hollywood Dave: Rob I'm glad you're handling my case! SHARK BITES by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys SHARK BITES Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side. Call us: Office: 800-319-3573 Cell: 818-439-9137 www.SharkSquadMotorcycleA orneys.com WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 1 | 17

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