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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 6 | 23 LAW OFFICES Statewide www.SharkSquadMotorcycleAttorneys.com 800-319-3573 Proudly supporting our military, 24/7 Free MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS Hollywood Dave: Hey Rob, I am not sure my accident is worth an a orney. How can I know for sure? Rob the Shark: Great ques on Dave. Give us a call. Our consulta ons are free 24/7. Ask for Rob. Talk to me and I will tell you if your case isn't worth pursuing. From all kinds of different angles. And if we do decide to take the case, if we think you have a valid case you have nothing to lose because we work on a con ngency fee agreement basis. If there's no recovery there's no fee. But it doesn't hurt to call. You may have a great case and not even know about it. Hollywood Dave: Rob, I'm glad you are handling my case. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: How can bikers make sure they are completely protected by their insurance? Rob the Shark: Ladies and Gentlemen most important thing is California and several other States require liability. Without liability you will get your license suspended. That's a basic fact. Everybody knows that. You also need, Comprehensive and Collision. If God forbid you go down and it's your fault or someone doesn't have insurance when they are at fault you will be stuck. Comprehensive and Collision will allow you to get your bike repaired or paid for. The most important thing that is underrated and nobody preaches about is uninsured motorist. Again, Uninsured Motorist is the most important thing. It's not just about your bike, it's about you. You go down. You're injured badly. The other party does not have insurance. Or they carry the bare minimum, $10,000, $15,000 whatever the minimum of your state is and you are in the hospital with broken bones. Your case can be worth hundreds of thousands. Without uninsured motorist you get… nothing or almost nothing! Contact your agent and get the highest amount of coverage you can afford. That is going to cover you. It's going to cover your loss of earnings, your emo onal distress, pain and suffering. So it's not just about your medical bills. Or contact Peter Kaye this magazine's editor. He and his wife have over 30 years experience combined in the personal lines Insurance industry. They LOVE to help people. It is one of the reasons why Peter had a successful career in Insurance. Again, I may sound like a broken record but I cannot emphasize it enough. Uninsured Motorist and obviously there's other li le coverages that will benefit you. Call Pete. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: Why should I use and a orney if I am in an accident and I am not at fault? Rob the Shark: Very simple. I'll tell you this. Insurance companies, are not your friends. Their job is to keep as much money in their pockets as possible and their job is to protect their driver. Not you. Our role as motorcycle injury a orneys is to protect you and to protect your interest, take their money and put it in your pocket. Their job is the opposite: to minimize all the damages. Their job is to take your statement, turn it, confuse it and try to put the liability against you. If you were involved in an accident, make sure you speak with your a orney. Do not communicate with your insurance company. Do not meet with them. Do not give them any kind of recorded statement. Your a orney should be the one doing everything for you. Your a orney should be protec ng you. Your a orney should be figh ng for your rights. And your a orney should be going a er the highest se lement possible for you. Emo onal distress. Medical Bills. Loss of earnings. You name it. Loss of use. Ge ng your bike repaired. Which by the way we don't even charge for ge ng your bike taken care of. Whether its repaired or compensated. Talk to us. Let us do our job. SHARK BITES by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys SHARK BITES Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side. Call us: Office: 800-319-3573 Cell: 818-439-9137 www.SharkSquadMotorcycleA orneys.com WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 6 | 23

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