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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 6 | 19 Come join with us as we seek to break the chains of human sexual trafficking in the United States. Founded by "Doc" Nave and Diena Cannavino, BAT is a non-profit that educates, empowers, counsels and mobilizes members of the motorcycle community to make a difference in this age old war. Check out our Facebook page at BikersAgainstTraffickingFL or our website to learn how you can get involved and start making a difference today. 407-300-8971 Bikers Against Trafficking (BAT) is a group of dedicated people who stretch across the globe in an effort to eliminate human sex trafficking. We do MORE than simply talk about the problem--we roll up our sleeves and tackle the problem. Each Chapter and the International Organization build strategic partnerships to provide the needed services for those who are coming out of the life. Each chapter provides distinct services & partnerships but through the combined efforts all our Chapters, here is what we provide: 1. We provide quality "trauma informed" clinical therapy to all who have survived and their families. If they do not have any insurance, we provide our services free of charge. The counseling arm of BAT is provided by our partnership with Family4Today, Inc. which is run by Dr. Patrick and Rainey Nave. 2. We provide daily living supplies to those in need. Toiletries, clothes, bedding, etc... 3. We provide education and awareness training. We speak at churches, groups, organizations, mental health gatherings, State departments, youth groups, schools, military bases, colleges, etc... We have been featured in two documentaries, helped create one film and are working on creating another. In short, we will go anywhere to speak. We seek to make a difference. 4. We provide training on how to work with those who have survived human sex trafficking, what the state of this scourge is in our society, and how to implement the best care possible. 5. We provide housing assistance for those who have survived human sex trafficking. We partner with organizations in Ukraine, Mexico, Canada and several States in the US. Our main partnership is with Life Recaptured in Merritt Island, Florida where we partner to provide homes and therapy. We are in the beginning stages of another home in the Gatlinburg, TN area. One of our long-term International Office goals is to build houses to provide even more homes in the future. 6. We create Chapters for those bikers who are like minded forming communities of family and friendship to band together to fight human sex trafficking. We also participate in many charity rides, help others as often as we can and attempt to live life FULL of meaning and purpose. What We Provide What We Provide 7. We partner with affiliate groups who seek to do things together. We have partners in three countries and around the United States at present. (Not all who are part of BAT ride motorcycles) 8. Last but not least, we provide clinical trauma counseling and awareness to those who are on the demand side. We are building a team of activists who are determined to eliminate demand. (International Office via the partnership with Family4Today, Inc., the non-profit counseling office of Dr. Patrick Nave called Family4Today.) Our founders work at an addiction treatment center in Lake Mary, Florida called Sojourners. Doc also runs a not-for-profit mental health center as well called Family4Today. H e r e i s w h a t B i k e r s A g a i n s t Tr a f f i c k i n g D o e s : WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 6 | 19

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