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Page 6 | Abby's Magazine | Sports and Chiropractic Dr. Dan Durrieu Family Health Chiropractic 5015 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 PH. 813-882-8181 Five years have gone by and it was me to watch the most competent and disciplined athletes compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place metals. Athletes that compete mul ple mes a day, seven days a week, intensely for four years in order to place at the Worldwide Olympic Games. A unifica on of countries and sports of all kinds with one major goal, to win. Ronda Rousey, an Olympic bronze medalist for mar al arts competed at the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008. Michael Phelps, a former American Swimmer holding 28 Olympic gold medals from all his years of compe ng at the Olympic Games worldwide. Bradley Wiggins, a Bri sh cyclist who is known to have won the most medals of any Bri sh Olympic. What do these three athletes have in common besides the fact they are Olympic medalists? Their rigorous training, pushing their limits, accomplishing their goal, and most of all their chiroprac c care. A big misconcep on of chiroprac c is the fact that it only is useful for when you are experiencing neck and back pain. Now you may ask, why would an athlete need to be under chiroprac c care, and receive chiroprac c adjustments? On the Olympic stage at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada in 2010, was when Chiroprac c made a strong entrance for the Olympic community. Now, almost every team including Mexico, Ireland, Jamaica, and Great Britain have a team chiropractor. To qualify for the US team, chiropractors must go through a cer fica on in maximized living that specializes in athle c injury, performance nutri on, and spinal correc on. The overloads of training on the body puts so much stress on their nervous system. This is where chiroprac c comes into play. Chiropractors find the subluxa ons along the spinal cord and performs chiroprac c adjustments in order to do the correc on for be er performance. A subluxa on is a misalignment of the bone along the spinal cord pu ng pressure on the nerve. Dr. Terry Schroeder is a two- me Olympic silver medalist turned chiropractor. Dr. Schroeder states that "chiroprac c is an essen al healthcare element of op mal athle c performance… from training and recovery to preven on." A big misconcep on of chiroprac c is the fact that it only is useful for when you are experiencing neck and back pain. Yet, that isn't the chiroprac c goal. Chiroprac c is known not to make you feel be er but to make you heal be er. This is saying that through adjustments, they are loca ng the subluxa on and removing that pressure that it's causing on the nerve. This may have been the cause of your pain or may prevent other future pain/injury. Chiroprac c works hand in hand with the nervous system in making sure that your body is working on op mal health. Therefore, chiroprac c shouldn't be your last resort when it comes to pain and injury. In fact, it should be your first resort even before you experience any type of injury. If you begin going to a chiropractor and including chiroprac c in your daily healthy lifestyle, you are preven ng your body from experiencing any kind of stress that is being put on the nervous system. Now ask yourself, do you play any sports? Do you experience pain on a daily basis? Would you wish to prevent majority of your pain? Do you wish to live an absolutely healthy lifestyle working from the inside out? Then chiroprac c is definitely the answer for you. At Family Health Chiroprac c we open our arms to everyone including the most amazing athletes. Our ul mate goal is to create an individualized plan for the kind of chiroprac c care plan that will benefit you and your family. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Olympic medalist! This ar cle was made by Dr. Dan Durrieu and Alexandra Durrieu, a Chiroprac c student at Sherman College of Chiroprac c. By Dr. Dan Durrieu

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