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Page 16 of 31 | # 47 | Page 17 "My life turned around once I joined Abby's Community Farm. One of the many benefits of being a volunteer is learning to grow organic vegetables, dealing with the bugs, being outside digging in the soil. And mee ng wonderful people. We have a flock of chickens that reward us with the best eggs you have ever eaten. I have met so many wonderful and talented people who know so much about gardening and finding ways to use the fresh herbs that we grow. I never had a yuca in my life un l last year. A volunteer told me how to cook and prepare it and it was fantas c. I'm told that yuca harvest me is coming up soon. I feel as though my health has improved since joining the farm. I do spend more me outside tending to my garden and the community beds that need just as much TLC. When our groups get together for a workday, we some mes reward our ourselves with a potluck lunch. As they say hard work pays off." -Rita "Working on the farm is changing the way I see food. I am learning the importance of things like: ea ng locally with the seasons, guarding against waste, working to produce at least some of what I eat, and much more. These things translate to not only more environmentally conscious habits, but also more vibrant health for me and my family." -Erin When Abby Sayler envisioned this farm as her legacy and when Victor Karydis made the commitment to con nue suppor ng her dream… this is exactly what they had in mind. The tes mony of individuals and family's lives that have been impacted is the realiza on of their dream for the farm, which is a con nua on of their commitment to health at Abby's Health and Nutri on in Carrollwood. Their mo o "Be er Health Through Educa on" is the premise that when people are educated about the health benefits of certain foods, vitamins, and supplements….simply make be er choices when buying. Addi onally, an informed public understands Non-GMO, local, fresh, organic……are not catch-phrases, but more so a prerequisite for living a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle. "Abby's Farm is my paradise: I get to connect with nature, grow what I eat, spend quality me with wonderful gardeners and burn A LOT of calories (best cardio ever!!). The farm makes me very happy!" -Yocaira The Future of Farming visit our site to learn, contribute and/or volunteer! visit our site to learn, contribute and/or volunteer!

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