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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 5 | 5 F. A. I. T. H. RIDERS No One Left Behind www.faithriders.com www.geezerglide.com Upgrades for your Harley! Harley Dual Garage Door Opener (Grip Switch) • Compa ble with Chamberlain, Li Master, Cra sman, Genie, and many more • OEM style – fits your Harley perfectly (chrome or black) • 2 doors programmable, mul -frequency, integrated LED's • Waterproof – no ba eries needed • Aluminum Switch Brackets fits Harley's 1996 & later • Design, final assembly & sealing to waterproof the product done domes cally WEBSITE $ 99 MSRP FACEBOOK What are people saying about the Geezer Glide motorcycle garage door opener? Ma hew J.: I had mine wired to my head lights. Just flash the high beams and the door opens! Bob W.: Super easy to install. Some videos on you tube can walk you through. Geezer Glide has an install guide that walks you through step by step. I love the opener. No more fumbling for my garage door opener. Super great customer service too!!! Bob W.: It works awesome!!!! Paul B.: If you park your bike outside the house people can access your garage? Geezer Glide: Not unless you leave igni on or acc se ng on your bike. There's no ba ery in our product (thus no ba ery to replace) so unless you don't use the accessory circuit but wire to your bike's ba ery it only works when igni on or acc are on. The bu ons are reachable without having to take your hands off the bars - safer when you're slowing down approaching your garage. Our product is also waterproof. It has survived being fully submerged in water for weeks. Any other ques ons email: tech@geezerglide.com Mike K.: I had the dealer install it along with service to be done on engine, and it's very simple to program. Ma hew M.: Wow...that's sick. Wonder if it works for mine Geezer Glide: If your bike is 1996 - later it can be installed. Donnie J.: Will it program to 300 mhz? Geezer Glide: Supported frequency ranges are: 280MHZ-350MHZ, 380MHZ-450MHZ, 867MHZ-868MHZ.

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