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30 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #57 LAW OFFICES Statewide www.SharkSquadMotorcycleAttorneys.com 800-319-3573 Proudly supporting our military, 24/7 Free MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS Hollywood Dave: When do I call Shark Squad? Rob the Shark: You call Shark Squad immediately. God, forbid you went down, obviously you start with 911, make sure you're OK and then give us a call right away. Stay away from the insurance companies they're not there to help you, they're not your friends, they are there to protect their own interest and to protect their insured. Call us right away we're going to go ahead and secure your case. We will start working on the evidence that's needed. We will also be working on your bike and that's something that we do as a courtesy free of charge. We will help you with your insurance company and we're going to help you with your property damages. We're going to build your case up. We're going to get you to the doctors if you don't have health insurance. We're going to make sure that we can accommodate you, so you have nothing to worry about. At the same we will proceed with your case as aggressively as possible. Give us a call God forbid you went down. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: If I feel OK a er an accident should I get checked out anyway? Rob the Shark: 100%! That's one of the most important parts of your case. What happens if you develop a problem down the line and you didn't get checked out? Two things: One, you're going to have a personal health issue. Two, it's going to hurt your case. What insurance companies like to do is, argue: "wait, wait, wait, a minute you waited three weeks to go see a doctor? You went to see an a orney and then you decided you had a problem?" We want to avoid those issues. Not only from a legal perspec ve but also from your health perspec ve. Go get checked out. See how you're doing. What happens if there's something wrong, that you're not aware of? A tear in your body, anything medically speaking. Get checked out, give us a call, we will discuss your case and we'll go from there. ------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: What is the advantage of Shark Squad over a regular personal injury a orney? Rob the Shark: First and foremost Shark Squad consist of a orneys that ride. We own motorcycles. What does that mean? That means that we can step into your shoes when an accident happens. We know what you go through we know what happens when you go down. I personally went down. I spent me in the hospital myself. I know what you're going through when you're going to the hospital. I know what it takes to recover. And most importantly we know what it takes and what needs to be done from a legal perspec ve immediately a er an accident. So the advantage once again, is you got guys and girls that really ride. Hollywood Dave: It's experience that makes a difference. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: Can you fight a police report? Rob the Shark: Absolutely you can. Officers are human. Human errors occur. They're not always accurate. We establish evidence, we go to the scene of the accident, and we also interview witnesses. We look at all the circumstan al evidence surrounding your case and then we make our point of argument. We strategically make our case in your favor. We do everything we can to prove that you're not at fault. Hollywood Dave: I'm glad you're helping me! SHARK BITES by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys SHARK BITES Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side. Call us: Office: 800-319-3573 Cell: 818-439-9137 www.SharkSquadMotorcycleA orneys.com 30 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #57

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