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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 5 | 29 And I started reading every Scripture about Him. The woman at the well, the woman who touched His garment, I was those women, the woman who was about to be stoned. I was all those women in one, who needed Him. I needed Him to gradually show me that I could trust Him. And that's what He did." Through intense Christian counseling and prayer Patricia finally found the freedom and peace she had always wanted in Christ. "Now I walk daily with joy, and I never forget to thank Him every day for what He's done in my life. Never forget to thank Him. I enjoy life so much more. He's given me back all those years the devil stole from me. If He can take someone like me, who was involved in all of that darkness, and oppressed by it, and set me free, and give me a whole new life, if He can take someone like me, who was into the occult so deep, into that darkness so deep, who was trapped, and He pulled her up out of that hole, out of that pit of hell and bring her into the light, He can do that for anyone… Anyone! I don't care how deep they are into the occult; He can pull you out. It just takes just a few words: 'Jesus help me. Or Lord, help me'. And He will be there. He will be there to help pull you out." Editor's Notes: You may have read this story and think: "That stuff is not real…" I met a guy once that rode with a Christian group. Before he was a Christian he rode with a not-so-Christian motorcycle club. When he became a Christian, he told me the story where he would pray to "have a few minutes with the devil". He was a new believer, tough dude, wasn't afraid of anything or anyone. Apparently, he got what he asked for and a man that has never feared anyone or anything, said to me "Pete, I'm not sure how to explain it except that, the fear I experienced went all the way to my heart." Years later I rode with a Christian group to a dealership for an event (different part of the country different group). I was not wearing a vest and I was standing by myself right outside the front doors. Next to me walked up a guy with an MC vest on and lit up a cigarette. The patch he was flying had a demon-like image on it. We got to talking about this subject. The conversation was about the image on his patch. To him, it represented the Club but also havoc and a life of mayhem. So when I asked him if he believed the devil was real, he laughed. By now he knew I was a Christian. So instead of asking him to pray for him, I said: "have you ever prayed to him… to the devil?" To which he replied: "Why would I pray to the devil? I don't believe he is real!" My reply went something like… "But what if he is? If he is, you will find out that he is. If he is not, then it would be the same as praying to that tree over there and nothing will happen." "That's stupid" he said and walked away. The devil is real and so is God. The devil is NOT equal to God, he was created, and he is not a creator but an imitator and deceiver. Don't be fooled! There is ONLY one true and living God. William Gerald "Jerry" Boykin (born April 19, 1948) is a retired American Lieutenant General who was the United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush from 2002 to 2007. During his 36-year career in the military he spent 13 years in the Delta Force and was involved in numerous high-profile missions, including the 1980 Iran hostage rescue attempt, the 1992 hunt for Pablo Escobar in Colombia, and the Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu, Somalia. He is an author and visiting professor at Hampden–Sydney College, Virginia. He is currently executive vice president at the Family Research Council. Go to www.WheelsOfGrace.com and click on the GET THE MAG tab or call 951-777-0503 to subscribe SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW IN SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER OF 2021 FOR A CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF FOUR AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS BY LIEUTENANT GENERAL (RET.) WILLIAm G. BoykIN

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