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22 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #57 Hotel Hacks That Can Help 13. Get a Germ-Free Sleep Once you roll into your hotel room, your natural inclina on is almost always to put your luggage onto the bed and open it up. However, you should think twice about where you put your bag. Your luggage wheels are rolling all over the city and now you're going to put them on your bed. You can always sani ze the wheels with some wipes before placing the luggage, but that is only half the problem. Worst case scenario, if your hotel has any bedbugs in it, they are looking to hitch a ride. You'll place the luggage on your bed, go to the restroom and basically leave your suitcase wide open for them. You should always opt for pu ng your luggage on a chair. 14. Double Your Door Security If you're staying in the Hilton in London or something, you can sleep ght without worrying about someone breaking into your room to steal your belongings or you. However, some mes you find yourself staying in a low-end motel that is anything but ideal. In cases like this, that flimsy hotel lock might not be enough to make you feel comfortable. Thankfully, you can take ac on and secure yourself. You can take a piece of shoelace and e it around the latch lock. This will definitely make breaking in way more of a challenge. With that, you'll no longer have to sleep with two wide eyes peeking over the blanket. 15. Boil Food In Your Hotel Room This hotel hack is in no way pleasant. It's going to suck for the people who stay in the room a er you and the cleaners. However, if you're on a ght budget, there is a method that will prepare any meal in a ma er of minutes. Turn your eyes to the ke le si ng on your hotel rooms desk. This handy device can do a lot more then prepare some hot water. You can do what the people are doing in the photo above and boil some corn and hot dogs in it for lunch. However, you can also cut up some veggies and make an amazing soup in that ke le. 16. A Little Plastic For Some Spillage It happens to us all too o en. We pack our favorite hair gels into our packs along with our clothes and hope for the best. Then when we get to the hotel, we open our bags to absolute nightmare. Amid the shake and s r of the plane ride, the bo le caps have twisted off and have expelled shampoo all over your stuff. These unfortunate accidents can all be avoided. Get some plas c from the hotel that you're staying in and twist the caps on over the plas c. This will effec vely prevent any spillage. This is definitely a travel prac ce that you don't want to be without. 17. Freshen Up Your Surroundings If you're staying at some lavish joint in the city's center, everything will appear brand new and untouched with every visit. However, if you're at your typical Motel 6, there will be signs that life had been occupying the room before you were ever there. This will be especially evident once you turn on that air condi oner or heater. Once the on switch is flipped, you'll smell twenty years of dust and mold build up. You can take that frown and turn it upside down by simply pu ng an air freshener against the vent. Instead of smelling that dirty filtered air, you'll be trea ng to the smell of mint or strawberry. 18. File Those Nails With Fire Hotels come with a lot of nice li le accessories to make you feel like you're at home. You get those shower caps, shampoo, condi oner, body wash, a robe, slippers and even a book of matches. That said, where on earth is that nail filer? You can look high and low, but there's a fat chance that you'll ever find one. However, your nails aren't just going to eternally grow long and out of control throughout your trip and you don't have to go to the drugstore and get a nail filer. That handy match book will have no problem filing down your nails. 19. Keeping Track of Your Belongings It happens too o en, we're on the taxi to the airport, at the airport or at home and realize something is missing. Is it those house keys, our phone charger or perhaps our passport. Slips up like this can result in ton of stress, anxiety and our blood pressure shoo ng through the roof. There is a way to make sure that nothing is ever forgo en ever again and that is simply by combining all of your most precious items. Picture #19 on the next page displayed this perfectly as it shows a set of keys wrapped around a telephone charger. This person definitely won't leave anything behind. 20. Door and Bottle Opener Traveling can be tough, especially on that first day. You just flew in on a flight Hotel Hacks That Can Help

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