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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 5 | 15 Ari Levenbaum has been in this industry for over 20 years and he and the Law Tigers will continue to represent and provide legal assistance to injured motorcyclists for decades to come. Over the years he would see Paul Yaffe at events and of course in several TV shows. But twenty years ago Ari was not in a position to build the bike he always wanted and build it with the Law Tigers theme. Although many builders over the years asked him to build a motorcycle for Law Tigers, he knew that Paul Yaffe was the right builder for this project. Ari of course entertained the idea of buying one of Paul Yaffe's custom motorcycles, but that was also out of his reach as a Law Tigers employee. His focus was on developing and expanding the Law Tigers brand. His dream of owning a Paul Yaffe bike remained. Patience has its rewards. In 2018 Ari had the opportunity to interview Paul Yaffe and he was impressed with the KISS bike Paul built and the whole SRT program Paul had. He came away from the interview appreciating Paul's creativity, ingenuity, and the quality of work Paul and Bagger Nation has been doing for 30 years. At this point Ari was sure that Paul was the right builder for the Law Tigers bike. Not long after that interview, Ari became an owner at Law Tigers. Now he had the means for his dream bike and reached out to Paul. Paul was by now a veteran and an icon in the motorcycle world, without a doubt an innovator and one of the grandfathers of the bike builders. Some say that he picked up the mantle when the legendary Arlen Ness passed. Paul is an innovator, a builder, a genius of kind, and having personally visited the Bagger Nation shop, I would agree with Ari that he is very unique as a designer. He thinks of motorcycle parts in his head, and then does what he does best to bring them to life. From tricked-out LED turn signal and brake light kits to custom fenders, from chin spoilers to entire front ends, and from monkey bars to personalized gauges, Paul Yaffe delivers. The Law Tigers bike build developed a friendship between Ari and Paul. The motorcycle, a 2020 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special was purchased from Rich Garbano, owner of House of Thunder Harley-Davidson in Northern California. Ari's vision was a sport touring bike and being a fan of Nick Trask that Paul collaborates with, Ari was certain that Paul was to build a one-of-a-kind bike never been done before. Ari recalls that he did not have too much to do with the design of the bike with the exception of telling Paul that he wanted a Sport Touring Bagger with power and an "edgy" design. The phone calls started between Ari and Paul, their ideas of the design and the parts to be used went back and forth in texts and emails. "Most of the time I would give Paul free reign" Ari recalls. "Having the Bagger Nation headquarters less than a mile from our Law Tigers office, allowed me to check out the building process at each stage." In the process Paul named the Law Tigers bike "TIGER GLIDE" and their friendship grew. Today, on weekends and during their days off their families spent time together going out to dinner and riding WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 5 | 15 Continued on Page 19...

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