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8 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #56 I have to replace the rear seals on the main and jack shafts on my 98 fxdl. I need to know the diameter of the main shaft, and whether a std. size 1 3/16 socket will work or do I need a deep socket? I fabricated the tool. If you are talking about your main-shaft nut; you may be able to reach it with a shallow socket and extension. However, you are much better off with a quality, deep socket. I want to replace the air filter, but the air intake bolts into backing plate just turn in place! How do I remove the bolts? I tried pulling on the cover while turning the air intake bolts , did not work! I did not want to ruin the cover, but if I have to, I will. Any and all help will be appreciated. This is a common problem with older air cleaner covers with stock backing plates. The brass insert is spinning in the plastic backing plate. Don't worry too much about destroying your cover; you probably will. You will need to replace your backing plate; so you are looking at replacing your entire air cleaner assembly, any ways. Best to try spinning the air intake bolt quickly with a drill or impact; while prying out on the cover. 2007 HD Ultra classic My cruise control will not work properly it will come on and set then after a minute it will start speeding up on its own. When this happens sometime the rollover switch is only way it will shut off. Any suggestions? Try performing a cruise diagnostic test. Also, inspect the switches and wiring related to the cruise speed control functions. TECH Q&A By Fix My HOG By Mark DiPietro Available Now Take the Journey with Pastor Monty Van Horn Get your copy at: www.vhmi.org

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