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28 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #56 Reasons Why Long Motorcycle Trips Are Good For You In this life, some journeys can be transforma ve. Whether it's a backpacking college student discovering life in Europe for the first me, or a long, libera ng motorcycle ride working man traits himself with, some journeys change us forever. Motorcycle trips are a perfect way to find peace of mind and to constantly discover li le things about yourself. Maybe it's all about reflec ng on your life as you 'fly' by new surroundings on your motorcycle, feeling the breeze wiping away all of your worries. Ask any biker or anyone that has ever taken a motorcycle trip, and each of them will tell you about a moment that changes everything. While pure wanderlust can be a magnificent reason on its own, let's take a look at other important reasons why a long motorcycle trip can be good for you. It Creates the Most Amazing Stories While on the road, you will meet many new people, some of them will become your buddies for life. You will also experience new sorts of lifestyles and get a peek into new cultures. All of this will give you a bunch of interes ng memories to share and stories to tell that will last you for a life me. One of the most incredible things about taking motorcycle trips is experiencing nature and diverse humanity firsthand. You Will Learn a Lot About Yourself Mixing self-discovery with trips might sound a bit mellowed out due to the rising trend of Instagram travelers, but it is absolutely true, and it happens every me you travel, especially when you travel on a motorcycle. Taking long riding trips on your own or with your friends will teach you a lot about yourself and the kind of person that you really are. First of all, you will understand what your basic necessi es are. Since you'll be on a motorcycle, you won't have much space for luggage, so suddenly you have to decide between 10 of your favorite t-shirts and 20 pairs of your most amazing jeans. Are you sure you need a separate face soap and a shower gel? Can you survive with just one comfortable pair of shoes? Taking a long motorcycle trip will make you understand how much unnecessary load you keep in your life. While packing and considering what to take with you and what to leave behind, you will have a lot of me to think about this trip and about being on your own, without all of your helpful gadgets. The Trip Will Make You A Lot More Independent When you travel alone on your bike, you are forced to learn how to take care of yourself and all of your belongings wherever the road leads you. The trip will teach you who to trust. When you're among strangers, your brain will automa cally sharpen your senses and make you 'read' people a lot be er. A solo riding tour will teach you how to cook, too, but also what to eat, how to clean up a er yourself, how to manage Reasons Why Long Motorcycle Trips Are Good For You 7 28 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #56

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