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24 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #56 While hotels are bright and comfortable, they just aren't tailored specifically for you like your own abode. Even luxury hotels lose their charm a er a few days, as many start missing all the conveniences of home. But with these amazing hotel hacks, you can revolu onize your travels, and take your creature comforts on the road to a whole new level. 1. Help Your Toothbrush, Help Yourself Even the most luxurious hotel isn't necessarily going to be as clean as your home. A cleaner has about an hour at most to dy up that whole room. While they do their job well enough, the sparkle and smell is mostly just an illusion. This is true even with the bathroom counters. We'd think twice before laying your toothbrush down on the bathroom sink, as it's definitely covered in a variety of bacteria from plenty of people. Seeing as hotels don't usually have toothbrush holders, are you supposed to just shrug and take your chances? No! Take one of those coffee cups, flip it upside down, and cut a li le hole in the bo om for your toothbrush. 2. Better Butter There's nothing quite so sa sfying as a warm piece of toast topped off with some creamy bu er. While many won't see this as something that's hard to come by, in hotels they can be. Most con nental breakfasts come with an array of freshly served food. The spread will have any foodie seeing stars. Part of this meal is usually toast and li le wrapped pats of bu ers. While one can't complain about the toast, the bu er is usually as solid as ice. Trying to spread this block of bu er will most likely result in that toast being torn apart. Tragic, but it can be easily avoided: simply leave that bu er packet on top of a toaster. 3. DIY Drain Plug Nothing can be more upse ng than checking into your hotel room, feeling like sinking into a hot bath, only to discover there is no drain plug. Does your relaxing trip end there? One can't be expected to surround themselves with candles and zen music to take a relaxing shower for 45 minutes. Don't despair, your dream of a relaxing bath isn't buried and gone. You can save the situa on with ease by pu ng together a DIY drain stopper. All you need to do is retrieve a plas c bag from the ice bucket, and a few coins from your purse or wallet. Place the plas c over the drain and put a few coins in it. That'll do a great job of plugging the drain. 4. A Little Plastic a Day Can Keep The Doctor Away When it comes to a hotel's cleaning staff, it can be hit or miss. Some cleaners are going to clean their heart out, while others are going to do the bare minimum and cut corners where they can. No ma er how nice that room looks when you step inside, there will always be some areas and items that are loaded with bacteria. Let's face it, some items in the hotel room are never being cleaned and one of those is that television remote control. You can save yourself a future illness by heading to the room's ice bucket, grabbing a plas c bag, and draping it over the remote. 5. Expand Your Table Space Pictures o en make a hotel room look about a hundred mes greater than it actually is. A lot of beauty can be created with a good camera and the right angle. So many mes, you walk into that hotel with a head full of hype, but then find yourself in a room about half the size of what you were expec ng. You might find very li le room in terms of tables and counter space. This will likely lead to you living out of your suitcase, packing and unpacking your belongings every day. However, this can all be solved by asking the folks at recep on for an ironing board. Use the ironing board as an extra shelf to store some of your things. 6. Keep That Phone Close Not every hotel comes with a bedside table on both sides of the bed. If that's the case in your hotel room, you might just have to leave your phone on the desk or s ck under your pillow and run the risk of it sliding off the bed and ge ng stepped on or lost. Luckily, there is a solu on to this problem. You don't need to be away from your phone: you can simply untuck the top end of your bed sheet and create a horizontal pocket. You can then slide your phone into that horizontal pocket and rest assured that it'll be a quick grab away. Hotel Hacks That Can Help

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