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22 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #56 By Steve Merrill Onramp Onramp to the 316 Highway We're all familiar with "The 7 Seas" of the world, but here's the 5 "Sees" of riding your HOG safely. These are based on a professional driver's course I took several years ago. "See High" – look far down the road; brake lights, intersections, impending weather, or changing traffic patterns can demand we adjust our speed, following distance, or concentration. Don't depend on the rider in front of you to be your early warning system. "See All" – check your review mirrors, your gauges, your '6', the rider next to you, the cage driver (are you in his/her blind spot?). Have total situational awareness; know that you've turned off your blinkers, that your brake lights are working, that you can stop within the distance your lights illuminate when driving at night, and if the ladder truck in front of you is about to shed its load. THE 5 "SEES" OF MOTORCYCLE SURVIVAL THE 5 "SEES" OF MOTORCYCLE SURVIVAL "See the Unseen" – don't depend on anyone else's alertness to make sure your path is clear. When starting off at an intersection, if the joker on the left doesn't go, it might mean something is coming you can't see. Is there an intersection ahead that looks clear? Always be thinking, "What would I do if…?" If what? If I'm invisible and the cage operator is an idiot! What would he do? He might do it, so be ready instead of surprised. "See a Way Out" – allow enough room to maneuver, stop, change lanes, or move over. If your safety is dependent upon any other driver doing the correct thing, you're accepting unnecessary risk that might bite you in the butt. "See with a Smile" – Would it kill you to smile at cage operators? They're expecting the one finger salute, a sneer or some other rude action to prove to the world we're bad-a**. We can win more support for our lifestyle and sport with a smile than with an obscene gesture! Remember these "5 Sees", repeat them before you hit the road, and it might help with your blood pressure too! Steve Merrill The 316 for Biker guy

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