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Page 12 | Abby's Magazine | Switzerland has many natural resources, among them the rich variety of flora that grows in the lush valleys, by the crystal clear lakes and in the pris ne mountains. Given such an abundance of medicinal plants, it is not surprising that Swiss herbalists and botanists are renowned throughout the world for their skill in using natural herbal oils and essences to promote well-being. Olbas is a remedy that has been carefully developed from this wealth of experience and knowledge. It was in Switzerland, over 100 years ago, that these herbalists and botanists developed a blend of pure essen als oils that came to be known as Olbas Oil. The name OLBAS is an acronym for Oleum Basileum, "Oil from Basel". Basel is nestled on the border of Switzerland, Germany and France in the very heart of Europe, and to this day is a center of pharmaceu cal research in Switzerland. Over the years, Olbas has found its way into the far reaches of the earth. From England to Australia, from South Africa to Sweden, Olbas is truly a favorite interna onal remedy. In the United States, Olbas has been available since the 1940's. Ini ally, Mrs. Heidi Ri er, a kindly woman of German decent, who lived in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, imported it into the USA. She provided Olbas Remedies to many in the Midwest and throughout the United States. In 1975, Mrs. Ri er turned over the impor ng of Olbas to Penn Herb Company Ltd. in Philadelphia, PA. Since that me, Penn Herb Company Ltd. has greatly expanded the distribution of Olbas Remedies in the United States, making it available in fine health food and specialty stores, selected drugstores, online retailers, as well as food stores. The Olbas line now includes a variety of remedies, each formulated in a special way to provide comfor ng relief: Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Cajeput Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Wintergreen Oil, and Clove Oil. Historically, Olbas has been used for a wide variety of common ailments. Physicians have used Olbas in their prac ces for decades. Olbas website ( says: "We are confident a er trying Olbas, you will have a story of your own." My name is Peter, I'm one of the editors and this is my story: "During my teenage years, we were living up north. Half the year it was cold and rainy. Being born and raised in Greece, I don't do well in the cold weather (so I have been telling myself for years). Don't get me wrong, we s ll ski and enjoy the snow, but "living" in it, we chose not to. One of the main reasons is, I developed Asthma and it was worse during the cold months of the year. When I was in my twen es and had an opportunity, I moved to the Southern United States and my asthma got be er. Having lived for extensive periods of me in Florida, Texas and California I have experienced all kinds of warm weather including humidity and dry heat. 2020, like most people, was tough on me. I pushed my already workaholic behavior more than I have in many years and my body started to push back. Regardless that I kept exercising and ea ng as well as I could, the fa gue and occasional aches started surfacing and then the asthma came back. Then came the occasional conges on and heavy breathing. I prefer not to use an asthma pump, so I carry an Olbas Inhaler with me. Actually I carry several: in my car, in my workbag, in my desk drawer and in my medicine cabinet. The truth is, that I used the Olbas inhalers recrea onally as I enjoyed the feeling or breathing fresh air. But when I started experiencing conges on and shortness of breath, I started using them a lot more. In November of last year I had an incident that changed my life. Without going into unnecessary details, I had to stop drinking coffee. I like coffee. I like the taste of coffee. With the excep on of the occasional fast from coffee, I have been drinking coffee for over thirty years. Olbas: The caffeine rarely affected me so I had as many as I wanted and whatever flavor coffee I desired un l… I had to give it up. My personality needs a "go-to release" when I'm overwhelmed. It can be a good meal, favorite music or coffee. The Olbas Wellness Tea was always in our kitchen cabinet but not o en used. I remember the first day I had an Olbas Wellness Tea in the morning instead of coffee. I felt such relief! Now, I have one to two a day. One in the morning, and one at night. On some days I would move to step three and apply massage oil on my chest. Talk about B-R-E-A-T-H-I-N-G! By now you can tell I am an Olbas convert. It's nice to know that products like Olbas are available and you are not ruining your health taking them. A er using the three products on a regular basis, I can honestly say that, not only have I been off caffeine for four months (the longest in 30 years) but I also feel be er than I have felt as long as I can remember! Imagine how excited I got when I started researching Olbas and found out they have other products like Cough Syrup, Herbal Bath, and Pas lles! Take a look at and make sure to look at their "Remedies" and "Essen al Oils" tabs and sec ons for detailed informa on. Olbas Benefits Expertly formulated in Switzerland, Olbas Herbal Remedies are designed to comfort and soothe in many ways. Some of the Olbas Remedies are OTC remedies recognized to provide fast, effec ve relief from cold symptoms, as well as minor aches and pains. Other Olbas Remedies support your body nutri onally, helping to enhance the immune system. The essen al oils in Olbas have a rich history of aromatherapy usage da ng back to the ancient Egyp ans and Chinese. That's why they provide the POWER to Breathe! What makes Olbas so effec ve? The secret starts with these pure essen al oils in the Olbas formula. Benefits of Essen al Oils Essen al oils are one of nature's way of helping the body maintain wellness. The natural essen al oils in the Olbas formula are extracted from medicinal herbs, the basis of healing in cultures around the world for centuries. Years of research, study and tes ng of these tradi onal plants by Swiss botanists is what makes the Olbas formula truly unique. When inhaled, these essen al oils pass into the bloodstream almost immediately via the lungs. When applied externally, they are absorbed into the body via the capillaries of the skin. Benefits in Aromatherapy & Massage • Olbas readily diffuses into the air, providing extraordinary benefits to nasal and bronchial areas. • Olbas is also readily absorbed into the skin, producing a deep feeling of comfortable warmth. When used in massage, Olbas Oil has the remarkable ability to s mulate circula on at the surface of the skin by opening up the skin pores, bringing a soothing warm feeling to red muscles and joints. These unique proper es of Olbas Oil are incorporated into each of the remedies in the Olbas line. To see what people like you have to say about Olbas products, go to www.Olbas. com-reviews. And remember to take a look at our Olbas products next me you are in our store! Abby's Health and Nutri on 14373 N. Dale Mabry Hwy – Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 265-4951 The Marvelous Swiss Oil

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