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10 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #54 Hey, this is Steve, the 3:16 for Bikers guy. I ride a HOG and I love all motorcycles. If you love bikes, then this is for you. Some numbers instantly mean something to a biker. 883, 1200, 74, Milwaukee 8. There's a bunch more. If you started riding when I did, the numbers associated with riding would include 305, 450, 500, 650, and 750. You undoubtedly know the numbers 3,1,6, 3:16, and know it comes from John 3:16 in the Bible. You've seen it behind home plate at a baseball game, or behind the goal posts when extra points are attempted. Not only there, but you might even see a Highway 316 if you're riding in Georgia, Connecticut, Wyoming, New York, or even Thailand! Each of these locations have a 316 Highway! I want to bring you along with me on a unique Highway 316, to have several short looks at the 3:16's found in each New Testament book of the Bible. So, saddle up, get in formation and be ready to hit the 316 Highway! Milepost 5 on the Highway You meet the nicest people on a Honda, but we didn't stay that way! By Steve Merrill One thing all bikers have in common: we each had a starter bike. Maybe a two-stroke dirt bike, a step-through Honda Cub, or something offbeat like a Mustang Colt, or even a Rokon Trail Breaker. Two-wheel drive with the power to pull a stump or climb a cliff – what could be better? Whatever our starter bikes, we all decided that, yeah, something else could be better. There's probably a trail of paint chips, nuts, bolts, master links, and punctured inner tubes from where you began to where you are now. You've been delivered from introductory putt-putts to the boulevard- terror that you proudly ride now and never looked back. Maybe you're like me, and you have looked back. There's always those bikes we should have kept but didn't. And memories can take to the highway in our dreams, kicking ourselves around the block for letting that one get away. Another thing all bikers have in common is bondage; not that kind of bondage, but bad habits, regrets, or shameful secrets kept packed away in a saddlebag into which no one is allowed to look. Are you with me? Thought so. Here's good news: through Christ there is deliverance! If you're hearing banjos right now, it's time to refocus! Deliverance has been the visible impact of faith in Jesus since the early days of the Church. And it still is! "By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has completely healed him, as you can all see." – Acts 3:16 So, what's got you by the throat and won't let go? A drug habit, porn, activities that keep getting you busted? There's nothing that ails you from which Jesus can't deliver you. Connect with Celebrate Recovery, or another faith- based renewal program, and you will be gob-smacked by the stories of release in the name of Jesus. Off the main highway: You may ask, 'From what has Jesus delivered you?' Fair question. I've been delivered from seeking approval. I hope you like these '3:16 for Bikers' stories. But if not, my feelings aren't hurt. There was a time when that would have been true. But not now. Onramp Onramp to the 316 Highway

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