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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 2 | 21 WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 1 | 21 used to be shiny enhance the sober and somewhat menacing looks of the Road Glide. Funny thing how the shark teeth graphics and the front end that's slightly leaning forward make us think about certain BMWs in the '80s. They were also referred to as "shark nose" because of the strong resemblance to the sea predator. Such pain ng schemes were quite common in the Second World War and even a er it, and most of them looked cool then and are equally alluring these days. Not sure about that CSA thing, though. Pu ng the CSA acronym and military theme together leads us to the Confederate States Army... which has nothing to do with WWII planes. Anyone can shed some more light on this, please? This Harley-Davidson Road Glide Totally Nails It! Even though chrome bling is regarded by many as tradi onal and classy, it's incredibly easy to cross the very thin line between heritage looks and kitsch. We've seen so many people missing this that it's not even funny. For reasons that s ll elude us, some Harley- Davidson machines (or maybe it's their owners) are very prone to abusing such add-ons, and they literally barge into kitsch territory. However, here's one Road Glide that shows us how cool the very opposite of bling can be. If anything, it looks like this bike is devoid of ANY bling, stripped of all that was not essen al for the ride, in terms of aesthe cs. Of course, some like the Road Glide, while others think it's a horrible-looking bike, but we guess that this par cular one might bridge the gap between the two camps. We seem to be weak for neat paint jobs that replicate the sheet metal and rivets that are a trademark of WWII planes or ships, and pre y much all armored gear. This Road Glide also comes in a spectacular sa n navy that makes everything look be er by proving a good contras ng background for the rest of the paint scheme. The black custom saddle and the all-round ma e black paint on the frame, engine, cases, and all the metal pieces that This Harley-Davidson Road Glide Totally Nails It! by Florin Tibu

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