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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 2 | 19 The backs of all Black Ops cuts are "blacked out". No back patches are worn. The front of the Black Ops "cut" or vest, has "flash" tags: One says EPH 6:12 and one says "BLACK OPS INT'L". There is a proprietary round military type of "Punisher Patch" on the upper left chest, which says "No Weapons Formed Against Us Shall Prosper"- (from Isaiah 54:17). Also is a coded reference to the rider's assigned area, his name, country flag and a military vet flash is approved for veterans. The "flash" tags used are of military type and style, not the normal club type used by MCs. This gives the entire look a more "military appearance" as opposed to a club look. Operational Areas are coded into zones; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc. There is no reference to "charters" or "chapters". There are no territorial references since Jesus owns it all, Amen? Nametags are optional. American or Betsy Ross Flags (or your country's flag) are Black and White. A black Chaplin's combat "Cross" pin is worn in the required position on the left chest. Military Veteran service tags are also an option. Black, or Black and White Bandanas are an option. No other colors are allowed. Black and White clothing only. Blue jeans are optional. It's the strict unity that attracts the attention and again begs the question: "Who are those guys?" The idea came from a blacked out crew of bikers who passed us on the road a long time ago. They were rolling eastbound, toward Reno, NV. They passed us low, fast and airtight! They were almost robotic! They wore no back patches and the fronts were blacked-out as well. They did have color integrity, which I will leave unsaid. But they each had a speck of a common color, either a hat brim turned around backward, a bandana, shoelace color or the shoes. Very subtle but just enough to satisfy us who they were connected with. They were rolling "undercover". I dreamed about it. I couldn't shake the idea and so a number of years back we started planting a few "operators" under the radar so to speak. There have been many, many looks and questions, but zero resistance. No patch / No club! Just rolling Evangelists and Missionaries! As time passed, the local and dominant clubs started inviting Black Ops brothers into their midst and friendships were formed and trusts bonded. Black Ops members are few amongst us right now but this has just been an experiment. The vision, thoughts and dreams have gone on for about 7 years so far. "Undercover for Jesus!" It has a good ring to it. Perhaps there are more candidates out there looking for a connection? Maybe the time has come. Is this for you maybe? Men only applicants must fill out formal applications, take a Discipleship course on their own with materials we provide. Full backgrounds are done and references checked. Clean and Sober. BLACK OPS INT'L Only Born Again Christians need apply. X-Cons are welcome as long as they have no convictions of a sexual nature. At this time Black Ops is a Harley only group. This is a way to control initial growth and manage interest. We are only interested in real-deal hardcore, mature believers. We are non-denominational and do not invite inquiries from any cultish type "religions". We are not "religious" or "legalistic". Just good old Bible believing followers of Jesus. There is so much more but I must confine these writings to a format and length as is manageable and proper for magazine protocols. In some areas, as in parts of Australia, motorcycle clubs and back patches have been "outlawed" and members can be arrested for riding with a back patch. Here in the USA we should "count our blessings". Black Ops Int'l may be an option to take motorcycle ministry to a new and non-invasive level. In many areas, our Last Disciple members simply roll up their cuts and change over to Black Ops when they get to a "no fly" or unapproved area, border or state. Together we can take it to the next level for the Kingdom of Christ and seen what happens! By Lou Steel A New Ministry Approach "Under The Radar for Jesus" "THE BLACK OPS CUT" For More Info on Last Disciples MC click: https://www.lastdisciples.com https://www.facebook.com/lastdisciplesmc ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED LASTDISCIPLES.COM ETERNALLY FOCUSED GLOBALLY CONNECTED WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 2 | 19

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