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14 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #54 TO ORDER YOUR SUBSCRIPTION or A BOX OF MAGAZINES CALL: (951) 777-0503 To subscribe online go to: WheelsOfGrace.com and click the GET THE MAG tab (discounted rates offered for military) HOPE DELIVERED! THE MOTORCYCLE MAGAZINE WITH A POSITIVE MESSAGE! GOD & BIKES Hello: I am re-assembling my front end after having the trees powder coated. Should I use anti-seize on the pinch bolts? Also, I purchased the Loctite Sticks kit (38725) a while back. It would be great if you could make a quick reference list of which Loctite product to use on the fasteners most commonly removed/ installed during Harley maintenance and repair procedures. It is best to use blue thread-locker on the pinch bolts. It is removable, strong and will make a barrier which will help against oxidation that can develop when you have a steel bolt into an an aluminum component. Use blue thread-locker on anything that is a regular service component; like your derby cover. Use red thread-locker on components that are supposed to stay assembled securely for long duration's; like inner primary bolts or handlebar clamp hardware. I've got a 2011 H-D Fat Boy Lo with stock tires. Jerry "Motorman" Palladino in his "Ride Like a Pro" DVD recommends running 40 psi tire pressure in the front Harley tire to lighten steering loads and ease low speed maneuvering. The H-D owner's manual calls for 36 psi in the front tire. Will going to 40 psi cause any problems with the front end, i.e. excess wear or speed wobble and will there be any problem with wear or damage to the front tire. Thanks in advance, Tom Tom, Over inflating a tire may cause it to wear quicker and you will typically feel more of the road because of the tire being harder. Keep in mind; engineers spend many hours studying & testing these tires and motorcycles before they resolve to a number (36 lbs). This tire pressure amount is what has been determined, to be best, for longevity of the tires, quality if the ride, and rider safety. I have a 1999, 1200 Sportster and install a carb kit but still can't start bike after it warms up. Tried adjusting mixing valve but not having any success. Can you give me any tips what to do ? Thanks Dean Did this problem previously exist? What did the Harley carburetor kit consist of and what did you address? What happens when you use the enrichener? Will the bike run without the enrichener? Start it cold and check for an intake leak. Make sure you have no trouble codes in your speedo head. It may not be a fuel issue. It can be a bad sensor. TECH Q&A By Dennis Santopietro By Fix My HOG By Mark DiPietro RhinoMan444@sbcglobal.net (307) 203-5777

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