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Page 6 | Abby's Magazine | The Invaders of our Body are Protected by Chiropractic We humans have this misconception of the word "sickness" or "not being well" as being associated with a fever or maybe even a cough. Yet, it 's fair to look at these symptoms with a different pair of glasses. Though, you may ask how? When we humans experience fevers for example, it is our body 's way of letting us know there are pathogens that have invaded our body and infected our cells. These invaders may be a bacteria or even a virus. Yet, it 's crazy to think about the reasoning behind why we actually run a fever. When our body is running a fever, it 's our body 's way of raising its temperature to kill the invaders since they can't live in excessive heat. Therefore, it 's safe to say running a fever may be our best weapon to fighting this bacteria or virus after all. Now let 's look at a cough. A cough is your body 's reflex to clear your throat through mucus as well as infection or in this case invaders resorting in your lungs. Perhaps you may say that having a cough depicts you are sick then, yet you never stopped to think about a cough being your body 's mechanism to contract and push the infection out of your lungs. Let 's instead look at "sickness" as being our human superpower. A network inside of our body called the immune system that works 24 hours of the 7 days in the week until the moment you die. The immune system is a work of cells, proteins, tissues, and organs that work together in helping your body fight infection. Now more than ever we are told how important it is to strengthen our immune system everyday. In order to build up a strong army, the soldiers must go through lots of training. This works the same way with your immune system. If you strengthen your immune system, this gives the proper strength to each white blood cell in your body to fight off infections in the most effective and appropriate way possible. Many practices of strengthening your immune

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