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Page 30 of 35 | # 44 | Page 31 Dr. Marlene Siegel Pasco Veterinary Medical Center 813-973-2929 E. Remove the A.N.T.'s (automatic negative thoughts) which lead to destructive hormonal chemistry and signaling. Pets will entrain to the energy of the people that surrounded them, so be sure the energy is good! Step 3 Heal the leaky gut. 70% of the immune system lives in the gut. Think of the gut membrane like a piece of cheesecloth. Its job is to filter the contents of the intestines, only letting the right size particles in, the rest is sent out the poop shoot. Glyphosate compromises the "tight junctions" in the gut membrane resulting in a "leaky gut" that allows toxins to pass into the body. These toxins are carried to the liver, which responds by mounting an inflammatory storm to kill the invaders. Inflammation is the underlying cause of all disease. Step 4 Detoxification of all six organs of elimination (kidney, colon, lung, liver, skin, lymphatic). Imagine if all the plumbing in a house were to back up and overflow into the house… gross and toxic to say the least!?!? This is what is happening to the body when the organs of elimination can't do their job. The two most important organs are the liver and the lymphatics. For liver detoxification, infrared therapy is effective. I prefer a system that offers near and far with no EMF. Therasage makes a far/near infrared pad, which is great for pets and people! Assisted Lymphatic Therapy (ALT) utilizes inert gases, micro current and nobel gases through glass transducers to thin the lymph, move lymphatic congestion, and stimulate T lymphocyte production, giving the immune system a tremendous boost. Dogs LOVE the therapy, and cats do too! Contact Pasco Veterinary Medical Center 813-973-2929 for more information and an appointment. Step 5 The key to health and longevity is directly linked to the amount of energy the body can produce. Mitochondria are the power factories of the cell. Stimulating the production of more mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis) and their ability to produce more energy is enhanced with ozone therapy, Low Level Light Therapy, intermittent fasting and high intensity exercise. But how do all these systems come together to make a "healthy" body? Like in any situation where there are many parts, there needs to be a good communication system. Imagine a cell phone. The phone doesn't "call" anyone, it is the hardware that enables the signal to be transmitted. The person dialing the phone initiates the "signal". If there are towers to pick up the signal and boost it to the destination, the call will be received on the other end. But if there is no cell tower to receive the signal and boost it to the next tower and the next and the next… the signal dies, never reaching its intended destination. Cellular communication is very similar in that there is a system of "hard wiring", the fiber-optic network that makes up the extracellular matrix, and the actual "signal" which is the etheric, non-physical part of the communication network. Both parts must be working for the cells to communicate (called redox signaling) with each other to produce the right chemistries that the body needs to function optimally. ION Gut Health For Pets (Intelligence Of Nature) is a product that restores the fiber optic communication for cell to cell signaling to occur. It also restores the "tight junctions" in the gut and kidney that were preciously damaged by toxins like glyphosate. The ability to have a healthy immune system depends largely on lifestyle choices. Are the choices supporting or harming the immune system? Pets can't choose their diet or environmental exposures, they rely on their pet parents to make good decisions. Each dollar you spend (or don't spend) is a "vote" that communicates to companies the demand for product. Send a clear message, only buy GMO free, organic products that support a healthy immune system! Check out the selection at Abby's Health & Nutrition today! Soon to be available online.

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