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Page 30 | Abby's Magazine | The immune system, we hear about it all the time, but what is it!?! It is a complex network of cells, tissues, organs, extracellular matrix, micro biome (bacteria, virus's and fungi) and mitochondria that work together, communicate, and enable the host organism (we and our pets) to survive and thrive in the world. The immune system is complicated. People make careers studying various aspects of the immune system. For this article, I am going to simplify steps everyone can implement to support the immune system for their fur babies (and themselves). Step 1 Create a state of parasympathetic tone in the body. The autonomic nervous system has two branches, a sympathetic branch that kicks in when there is danger (short term survival) and a parasympathetic branch that kicks in for longer term survival (rest, repair, digest, detoxify and reproduction). They live on a teeter totter from each other. When one is "on", the other is "off". The body can not heal when in high sympathetic tone! My practice uses a Magnesphere, a PEMF device that creates extremely low, pica tessla range frequencies to entrain the body into a state of relaxation. We also use frequency music, for more information visit Wholetones for Pets: bid=dc2a20c1 Step 2 Stop polluting the body. A. There are three times more glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up) in processed pet food than human food! Feed a species appropriate diet (evoloveraw. com to learn more about raw diets for pets). You can pick up your favorite at Abby's Health & Nutrition. Just like processed foods are detrimental to people's health, processed foods are the leading cause of health challenges for our fur babies. B. Water must be structured and highly filtered. Ideally it should have molecular hydrogen and high "energy". Tap water has over 65,000 toxins and plastic bottle water has 24,000 just from the plastic! Contact me for specific systems. C. Indoor and outdoor environments. What is being breathed (air quality) and what touches the skin are absorbed by the body. Avoid furniture, carpet, clothing and bedding that has fire retardant or formaldehyde. Pets are exposed to glyphosate when they walk through yards that have been treated with Round Up. Glyphosate has been found in rainwater too. D. EMF. 4G was bad, but no one fully understands the impact 5G will have on our health. The ONLY way to know if you are exposed to an EMF problem is to TEST your home!!!! Pick the previous edition of Abbys Magazine to enrich your knowledge on 5G. IMMUNE SYSTEM Your Pets and their

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