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Page 18 of 35 | # 44 | Page 19 func on. Most adults need at least 50 grams of quality protein per day (or a palm-sized por on per meal). It may help to make a weekly meal plan so that it's easier to incorporate healthy protein. This could be doing eggs for breakfast, turkey chili for lunch, and salmon for dinner. Also, throw in a handful of pumpkin seeds; many people don't know that they are packed with protein! Antioxidants Fill your plate with some colorful foods! A general rule of thumb is that the more colorful the foods on your plate, the healthier they are (unless it's a bag of M&M's, of course). Deep, rich colors indicate micronutrients and an oxidants, which your body needs for protec on and for recovery from illness. Studies have shown that an oxidants improve immune responses, so don't be afraid to throw some bell peppers, purple cabbage, and green beans on your plate. Supplements for Success In addi on to these immune- boos ng ps, we also encourage you to take a look in your medicine cabinet (or kitchen pantry). Odds are, there are a few different type of vitamins and supplements in there that can help boost your immunity. You can combine several different types of supplements, in order to really for fy and build that immune system. Your vitamin C supplement, combined with a daily probio c, and even a nutri ous powdered green drink, can pack quite the punch to any would-be illnesses, and stop them in their tracks. Something extra to add to the mix is a supplement containing Aged Garlic Extract. Supplements that contain this potent ingredient can really strengthen your cardiovascular and immune system by maintaining circulatory func on and promo ng overall well-being. Finding balance in your rou ne and making changes to diet and exercise habits can be tough, so start small. Try introducing/elimina ng one new food item each week, and adding 10 minutes of exercise to your regimen each week as well. Here's to staying healthy and flu-free this fall and winter!

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