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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 12 Issue 1 | 7 You cannot escape the worldwide panic that has engulfed the globe. Here in Central Florida Disney World has closed, Universal Studios has paused, Bikeweek in Daytona was suddenly cancelled and we are in the midst of "social distancing" with a stay at home edict posted on our State. I know there are several other States that have a similar order and people from around the world are feeling anxiety like they never had before. The dreaded Covid-19 virus has invaded our world and no matter where you look you can get caught up with panic and dread. Words such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and the like have all taken on new meaning in our vocabulary and no matter what store you choose to browse you will notice that there is no toilet paper or paper towels for seemingly miles around. What is going on? I have watched and listened as people started to panic, as fear started to spread, as the toilet paper and hand sanitizer was suddenly "sold out" and as millions started washing their hands with soap and water. Social media is all a buzz and everyone who has a cough or a sneeze is now looked at as if they are diseased. We are living in unexplored times and with dread surrounding us all there does not seem to be a lot we can do. We can pray, which helps - we can wash our hands - we can keep our distance - we can make sure we cover our coughs, drink fluids, etc... But we cannot do anything to CURE what ails us. It is that feeling that we all have being perched on the edge of fear that I would like to address for just a moment because each person on this planet, man or woman, boy or girl, who is being sexually trafficked is experiencing that FEAR at this very moment. They are not scared of the virus they fear the next moment. Will they be abused again? Will the next moment allow them to sleep? Will there be any chance of someone helping them get out TODAY? The fear that so many are now experiencing because of the virus is reminiscent of the fear of those being trafficked. They are trapped with a lifespan of only 7 years. BUT each moment could be their last. We fight to eradicate this evil...this fear. It is our desire to shine light into the darkness, to reach in and grab on providing hope, healing and a new start for those who desire to move forward and start anew. We provide clinical trauma counseling, we walk alongside of those who have been rejected by society and sometimes even other places who say they are actually trying to help. There is no end to the services we provide unless the individual we are partnering with chooses to go their separate way. We help with substance use rehab, housing, food, job training. We also seek to end demand by building a special unit led by Doc who only work with those who are stuck in pornography and want to get out or those who have no choice to get out because they were arrested. We know that if we can stop ONE person then that is one more moment of safety and we attack this evil every moment of every day. Yet here is our problem. As we have grown with an amazing group of volunteers we are being called more and more and know that we HAVE to do more. We are actively praying and pondering what that might mean. We are stretched to the limit and yet we cannot say no because the need is so great. So...with the virus peeking over our shoulders we are asking each of you to partner with us on the next phase of BAT. We have added two new chapters since our last newsletter (Nebraska and Mississippi) and are in talks with a few other States as well and are now being asked to provide training around the world. We will need to raise more money to do this. If some of you could partner with us financially, we could do it. You could go onto our website: BikersAgainstTrafficking.org and utilize our paypal link to make a one time donation or a monthly donation. Or you can drop a donation in the mail. Here is what your money can do... The more we generate the more we can do in addition to what we are already doing. Of course, our eventual goal, our BIG IDEA is to provide SIX houses on TWO acres. That will cost us around one million dollars and so we are expecting miracles on that one but are open to receiving your check if that is what you feel called to do. The houses will be located in Central Florida close to the international headquarters but we are still looking at where to find the land (that we hope will be given to us). Each dollar invested in BAT is appreciated and we use it all for direct services with very humble hearts. We thank you for your prayers and financial support. We exist to make a difference for ONE person and then another. =We hope to do this TOGETHER with you. Peace, Doc and Rainey Nave along with our wonderful board of directors. By Dr. Patrick Nave Come join with us as we seek to break the chains of human sexual trafficking in the United States. Founded by "Doc" Nave and Diena Cannavino, BAT is a non-profit that educates, empowers, counsels and mobilizes members of the motorcycle community to make a difference in this age old war. Check out our Facebook page at BikersAgainstTraffickingFL or our website to learn how you can get involved and start making a difference today. 407-300-8971 Fear, Panic, Uncertainty... Fear, Panic, Uncertainty... WheelsOfGrace.com Volume 12 Issue 1 7

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