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14 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #53 Battery Box Removal Would like to know how to remove the battery box? Thanks! This is really simple. First, remove your seat and disconnect your battery, the negative cable 1st. Best to disconnect the negative cable from the frame, as opposed to the battery on this model m/c. Use a 1/2″ socket to remove these two bolts (pictured). Best to, 1st, remove the bottom – then the upper bolt. The battery tray will drop down so you can remove your battery covers and the battery. You are on your way. 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. When I first start out on the bike, she will backfire when down shifting and cut off when coming to a stop with the idle dropping from 10,000 to 0. After riding for about 10 miles, this problem usually subsides and she idles fine around 10,000 rpms. Any suggestions? Back firing when down shifting is probably decel popping. This is caused by a lean condition. If you have a Power Commander or Vance & Hines FP3, you can add fuel @ 0% throttle. The FP3 also has an auto tune feature and another section designated to decel popping. As for the m/c stalling – Check for trouble codes and check for an intake leak. I have a custom bike and it has a 1995 Harley engine, Sportster 883. The problem the bike is very hard to start and it coughs or back fires from the carburetor and sometimes from the exhaust. Do you think it's the carburetor? I live in Denver Colorado thin air and high altitude. Check for an intake leak. You may need to replace your intake seals. Might be time to refresh the carb. I have a 2005 Heritage Softail. The speedometer pegs itself when you turn on the ignition switch then returns to normal and will not read at all. I check all the wiring to insure nothing was loose and also the speed sensor. Any thought on what else I can look at to fix this problem? What you describe, sounds like you have a failing speedometer. TECH Q&A By Mark DiPietro By Fix My HOG RhinoMan444@sbcglobal.net (307) 203-5777

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