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26 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 50 Onramp Hey, this is Steve, the 3:16 for Bikers guy. I ride a HOG and I love all motorcycles. If you love bikes, then this is for you! Some numbers instantly mean something to a biker. 883, 1200, 74, Milwaukee 8. There's a bunch more. If you started riding when I did, the numbers associated with riding would include 305, 450, 500, 650, and 750. You undoubtedly know the numbers 3,1,6, 3:16, and know it comes from John 3:16 in the Bible. You've seen it behind home plate at a baseball game, or behind the goal posts when extra points are attempted. Not only there, but you might even see a Highway 316 if you're riding in Georgia, Connecticut, Wyoming, New York, or even Thailand! Each of these locations have a 316 Highway! I want to bring you along with me on a unique Highway 316, to have several short looks at the 3:16s found in each New Testament book of the Bible. So, saddle up, get in formation and be ready to hit the 316 Highway! Milepost 2 on the Highway LeAdeR OF THe PACk? NOT me! I RIde ALONe! Chicks dig bad boys. If you're old enough, you might remember The Shangri-Lahs' hit song, The Leader of the Pack. A girl sees a boy in the candy store and wants to date him; parents say no because he rides a motorcycle and comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Fast forward: she tells Jimmy goodbye, he leaves, and he crashes his bike. It was, after all, a rainy night. He dies, she cries, and after two minutes and fifty-two seconds of painful music, the song ends. Thankfully… How come some rise to leadership and others scoff at the idea? When I told a buddy recently that he'd been recommended for Chapter President, he replied, "Who's on drugs?" This is not a recent phenomenon; bikers, average Joes, even fishermen don't want the spotlight of leadership upon them. One such fisherman was Simon Peter, good old walking-on-the-water Pete. He didn't start out as a Rock, but when Jesus called him to lead the band of His disciples, his first reaction was, "I'm too sinful! Go away from me, Lord!" But God doesn't call the qualified; He qualifies the called. In Mark 3:16, Simon got the call he'd been trying to avoid. These are the twelve he appointed: Simon (to whom he gave the name Peter).... At some point in your life with Jesus Christ, He's going to call you to step Onramp to the 316 Highway up. Maybe not to a big respon- sibility, but to some place where others will look to you as an example. You might ride alone, but you're still an example; you're an example of someone who rides alone! Problem is, you might get to your destination (end of life) and discover you could have been so much more, investing in other than just chrome and paint. You could have invested in changing other people's eternal destinations, influencing them for Jesus, the Ultimate Leader of the Pack. For over 2,000 years, He's been calling and equipping His followers to reach others, lead them, and get them ready for the 'service appointment' we all have; some day we will each give an account of ourselves to God. Are you ready? Will others be ready because of you? Chicks also dig guys with integrity, poise, and character. And people follow people like that. Why not you? He is calling! Off the main highway: Bible Scholars generally agree that Mark's Gospel is Peter's account of the life and ministry of Jesus. It is set up as a sequence of several 'mentoring' encounters between Jesus and wishy-washy Simon who became the Rock of the Early Church. And the world has never been the same. Listen: hear Him calling? Sure you do! By Steve Merrill

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