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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 11 Issue 4 | 21 HANDLEBAR NEWS THE LEGEnDaRy SHELby CObRa HaS bEEn REbORn aS a SpEEDy ELECTRIC bICyCLE B Y B R Ya n H o o d It's unlikely anyone predicted that the legendary sports car would make its return as… an electric bicycle. Vintage Electric is releasing the limited edi on Two-Wheeled Cobra, a powerful thro le e-bike inspired by Carol Shelby's 289 Slabside. With an aesthe c that closely echoes the storied '60s hot rod, the bike also happens to be Vintage Electric's most powerful yet. Designed with the help of Shelby's grandson Aaron, the Two- Wheeled Cobra hews closely to the original car's race-ready aesthe c. Featuring a motorcycle-like profile, the bike is painted in the same metallic blue with black racing stripes as its namesake. But that's not where the design nods stop. The bike also features hand grips, a ma e black fork, retro LED headlamp and leather saddle seat that all callback to the 289 Slabside. And, of course, there's the iconic Cobra logo to top it all off! bLaCk SHEEp HaRLEy-DavIDSOnS FOR CHRIST I.L.S. B Y P e t e R K aY e (Interna onal Leadership Summit) Jun 4 – Jun 7, 2020 Here's the next BIG THING coming to you from Black Sheep HDFC Na onal. Before you know it, ILS2020 (Interna onal Leadership Summit) will be upon us! Taking place in Colorado Springs the first weekend in June. Details at: h ps://www. blacksheephdfc.org/events/. Save these dates! Decide if you're going to RIDE or FLY! THIS ELECTRIC TwO-wHEELER COuLD bECOME THE TESLa MODEL 3 OF THE bIkE MaRkET B Y M i C H a e L F R a n K • The electric Cake Ösa is a new electric scooter/motorcycle that starts at $6000—way cheaper than even many electric bicycles. • There are two models, a cheaper one classified as a 50 cc moped and an $8000 model classified as a 125 cc motorcycle. The cheaper one is slower, but s ll has 72 miles of range. • Cargo op ons abound and there's even a configura on to cart your sur oard, bro. Sweden's Cake, a rela ve newcomer to the electric motorcycle market, now has a second model called the Ösa, and it's remarkably cheap. Editor's Note: no thank you. if you want ride a bicycle do so. if you want to ride a motorcycle get a motorcycle. aSTOn MaRTIn buILDS ITS FIRST-EvER MOTORCyCLE —anD IT'S STunnInG B Y B R e t t B e R K Venerable Bri sh sport and luxury car manufacturer Aston Mar n has teamed up with revered Bri sh sport and luxury motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior to create a limited- edi on track-only sports bike. And, not surprisingly, it's absolutely stunning. The two brands share a bit of history. Both were launched in England in the second decade of the 20th century. Both were beloved by Bri sh governmental opera ves, though in the case of Brough, it was an actual person, T.E. Lawrence, who rode (and perished) on one of the company's beloved bikes, and in the case of Aston it was fic onal super-spy James Bond. This par cular bike, the AMB 001 by Aston Mar n and Brough Superior, seems to take the best that both marques have to offer. It features Aston Mar n design elements from the brand's chief crea ve officer (and studio head) Marek Reichman, and as such, sports swoopy, streamlined, menacingly flared body panels that seem inspired by the carmaker's shark-like grand- touring coupes. It also features perforated Aston Mar n leathers, carbon fiber bodywork, billet aluminum and tanium components, and signature Sterling Green paint with Lime Essence trim highlights. All of these lovely bits, along with the rest of the bike's components, will be hand-assembled at the motorcycle maker's factory in Toulouse, France. For the occasion, Brough has released it first turbocharged V-twin motor, an engine that produces 180 horsepower (for perspec ve, most motorcycles have below 100 horsepower). A slick digital display between the handlebars will chart the bike's speed. And the rider should a end carefully to this. With an overall mass of just 400 pounds in weight, the motorcycle sports an excellent power-to-weight ra o, and should be a blast to drive, for those lucky enough to get their hands on one. That won't be easy. Only 100 AMB 001s will be made, and each will cost in the neighborhood of $120,000. Aston Mar n has already designed an apartment building, a yacht, a drone, and a submarine. What's next? F.a.I.T.H. RIDERS RaLLy TO RIDGECREST 2020 REGISTRaTIOn nOw OpEn! B Y P e t e R K aY e May 22 – May 24, 2020 This is the one me of the year where all the F.A.I.T.H. Riders get together to pray, regroup, recharge and refocus. Having a ended several of the Na onal F.A.I.T.H. Riders events in Alabama and now in North Carolina it is a must! Located at the beau ful Ridgecrest Conference Center at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will not only get recharged and refocused but you will have a great opportunity to explore the beauty of Black Bear historic city. Only two hours away from Billy Graham's Library, it is worth the trip! More informa on on the event at: h ps://faithriders.com/ and at: ridgecrestconferencecenter.com/. Editor's Note: When Stacy and i were there last year, we had the pleasure and the honor to visit a veteran's home. that alone was worth the trip!

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