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10 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 48 The Last Disciples Motorcycle Club was founded in the closing months of 2005. Bylaws and Standing Rules were finalized and approved by the founders in December of 2005 and the first patch in the wind was flown on April 1, 2006 (April Fools Day) on the Central Coast of California. We recognized a need here for a biker ministry that the hardcore secular clubs could more readily identify with, accept, and relate to. The founders of the Last Disciples MC all had previous experience with biker ministries and rehabs, and some had secular club backgrounds as well. Most had done hard time in prison but transformed to well- seasoned and committed "born again" Christian believers. Before we selected our club name a great deal of research and prayer came first. The ultimate word had to come from the Lord who we asked to help us throughout the process. We prayed for a peace to be given to us as the research continued. "IN the beginning" we kicked around a lot of possible names. We knew we were called to fulfill the Great Commission given to us by the Lord. In light of that, we also knew we were all disciples of Jesus Christ and the "Disciples" name just seemed History of tHe Last DiscipLes Mc-part i to fit. However, not to offend any other ministries or clubs that preceded us, whether currently active or inactive, we decided we needed another word tied into our name to make it unique. As discussions, meetings, and brainstorming sessions continued, one day I mentioned: "well we're for sure not the first disciples" and then Brother Chapo said, "how about the "Last Disciples"? The room fell silent and we were all immediately filled with a peace that told us that that was our name, the Last Disciples. Next, we spent an even greater amount of time researching potential patch colors and designs. We tried everything you can imagine. We went through many, many designs with a variety of Cross styles worked in, but nothing seemed to fit or work for us. There are so many ministries out there with crosses on their patch that the Cross had become a redundant statement and we just didn't want to go that route. We had also known and seen so many individuals who were wearing crosses who really weren't walking a Christian walk. Many things were being done "in the name of Jesus" that just didn't sit right with us. We knew that we needed to be straight up Christians and to do it without hiding behind or misusing the sign of our Savior. By Lou Steel 10 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 48 CUSTOM PATCHES FOR YOUR M/M, MC OR RIDING GROUP CALL OR EMAIL FOR YOUR SAMPLE TODAY! (317) 627-0117 tshizas@aol.com USE CODE: WOG2019 CUSTOM PATCHES FOR YOUR M/M, MC OR RIDING GROUP CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A RELIGION... IT'S A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LIVING GOD. This is what you have been looking for in life. That is the ONLY way you will fill that emptiness you have been trying to fill with everything else this world has to offer. And don't be mislead; being a Christian is not boring! It is not weak! It is certainly not being perfect! God wants to have a relationship with you just as you are. Live your life to the fullest by accepting what He has for you: HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Burning Rubber for God is the BEST way to ride and the ONLY way to know where you're headed. If you have questions or want to know more Email us at: WOGMagUSA@gmail.com Or call: (951) 777-0503

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