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8 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 48 LawTigers.com 1-800-LawTigers Law Tigers motorcycle accident member a orneys understand that vic ms who have suffered injuries due to motorcycle accidents will have ques ons, both about their rights and about how to obtain compensa on for their injuries. Below are answers to some of the ques ons we encounter most frequently. Read on to learn more about Law Tigers services. Who are the Law Tigers? The Law Tigers is a na onal associa on of motorcycle accident and injury lawyers who are ready to assist you with your accident claim. Our member lawyers each have their own law firms. Law Tigers is not a law firm or a lawyer referral service. Members of the Law Tigers legal team are both experienced motorcyclists and aggressive trial lawyers. If I have been involved in a motorcycle accident in another state, do I need to hire an attorney in that state? It is always preferable to seek representa on from an a orney who is licensed to prac ce in the state where you live. Your local a orney can seek the advice of a Law Tigers motorcycle accident member a orney in the state where the accident occurred. Our na onwide network of motorcycle accident lawyers is there to help you with an experienced a orney to review the details of your case. Do I need a motorcycle accident attorney even if I have motorcycle insurance? Insurance companies are in the business of making money. Since any payment you receive in a motorcycle accident insurance claim represents a financial loss for the insurance companies, if you try to deal with the insurance companies on your own, you probably will not receive the full amount of compensa on you deserve, even if the accident occurred as a result of another's negligence. A er any accident, it is advisable to discuss the details of your claim with an experienced MoTorcycLe AccIDenT FAQs By LAW TIgers a orney who knows how to deal with the insurance companies to ensure that you receive the full compensa on to which you are en tled. Do I have to have insurance? Most states require a minimum amount of coverage to protect the vic ms of an accident if the insured is found to be at fault. Known as liability insurance, this coverage includes compensa on for injuries and property damage suffered by other vic ms. Liability insurance also may cover legal fees incurred by you, the insured. What is the difference between a Law Tigers motorcycle accident member attorney and any other attorney? A Law Tigers motorcycle accident member a orney is experienced in the specific area of motorcycle accidents and personal injury. Law Tigers a orneys are motorcycle riders and enthusiasts themselves, and are familiar with the various injuries motorcyclists may suffer on the road. Because our a orneys deal with motorcycle repair shops and insurance companies on a regular basis, we have the experience necessary to obtain a higher se lement for your motorcycle property damage and your motorcycle injuries. Law Tiger a orneys are fully aware of various motorcycle nuances (for example, braking distance and laying down the bike to avoid a collision) that may be relevant to your case. Where do I go if I am injured in a motorcycle accident? A Law Tigers motorcycle accident lawyer is available to assist you with your claim 24 hours a day. Call 1-800-LAWTIGERS (1-888-863-7216) to locate a motorcycle accident lawyer in your area who will evaluate your case free of charge. The Law Tigers are also available for home, office, or hospital consulta ons. Do all states have helmet laws? Most states have helmet laws, but the requirements vary throughout the country. Some states require all riders to wear helmets, while others require the use of helmets only up to a specific age. What if my motorcycle accident involved a speeding ticket? Our a orneys generally focus on injury-related motorcycle accidents. We are commi ed to ensuring that vic ms receive the best representa on and compensa on for their injuries. Because our a orneys are highly familiar with the various aspects of riding, they can approach a speeding cket or other traffic viola on from a motorcyclist's perspec ve. In certain situa ons, a rider's safety may depend on taking ac ons that could violate traffic laws. For example, in a situa on in which another motorist is intoxicated or driving recklessly or in an overly aggressive manner, a rider may have to accelerate quickly or maneuver in such a way that may not be considered a viola on of the law. Another example could be when the motorcyclist is speeding but the other driver fails to stop at a stop sign. Our experienced a orneys MoTorcycLe AccIDenT FAQs By LAW TIgers MoTorcycLe AccIDenT FAQs By LAW TIgers You never have to ride alone! Even though we're lawyers, riding is in our blood

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