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12 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 48 B I K E R J A R G O N BIKER J ARGON M o t o r c y c l e L i n g o By Axle Addict P a r t 8 Every subculture has its own lingo. Bikers are no exception. Are you on the fringe of a motorcycle society? Have you heard a biker speaking and would like to understand what he was talking about? Would you like to gain insight into the biker mindset? Do you just like words? Here you'll find an introductory dictionary of commonly used road- motorcycle terminology and biker slang, compiled with the average "Citizen" in mind. Citizen: (noun) A person with no known affiliation with a Motorcycle Club. • Lace: To lace a wheel is to install the spokes. • Lane Splitting: Driving between lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction either at speed or when traffic is stopped. • Laughing Gas: Nitrous oxide. • Laughlin/Laughlin River Run: An annual motorcycle rally in Laughlin NV. • Lay It Down: A crash in which a biker slides with one leg under the bike, typically done purposely to avoid a worse collision. When done accidentally it's called a " low side." • Leathers: Riding clothes made of leather. • Lid: Helmet. • Line: The intended path of travel. • Lone Wolf: A biker with no club affiliation. • Low Side: A crash in which a rider slides with one leg under the motorcycle, opposite of a "High Side." A Low Side Crash. • MC and M/C: A motorcycle club. There are no admitted "Motorcycle Gangs" just as there is no admitted Mafia. • MFFM: Mongols Forever, Forever Mongols. • Meet: A scheduled social event or "meeting." Social... this is not "Church." • Megaphone: A flared exhaust tip. • Metric Cruiser: Cruiser style bike of foreign manufacturer. • Monkey Butt: The unpleasant "end" result of a long ride. • Mother/Mother Chapter: An original chapter of a Motorcycle Club. • Naked Bike: Bikes with little to no cowl or fairing. Often achieved after a bike is laid down. The damaged body pieces are removed and then not replaced either due to their cost or just because the owner decides that he likes the new look. • Neck: The front of a motorcycle frame behind the steering head. • Nitrous Oxide/N2O: Oxygen-rich gas fed into the fuel/oxygen stream to increase horsepower. • Nomad: 1) "Nomad" on a bottom rocker patch means that motorcycle club member travels between geographical chapters. Kind of like working in a secretarial pool, a Nomad goes where he's needed. 2)"Nomad" on a top rocker patch or car plaque means "Nomad" is the name of that club. • NOS: 1) New Old Stock: old parts that are still in stock; 2) Nitrous Oxide System. Pick up our next issue of WOG Mag for Part 9 of the Biker Jargon series.

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