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Page 22 of 31 - Issue 36 | Page 23 Not all of these strategies will work for you. Self-experiment to find out which techniques you prefer. Context is important, too. You may find that some strategies work in some circumstances but not in others. Experiment to observe what works best, and when. Also: Try thinking about the strategies in three categories: behavioral, cogni ve (thinking- related), and physical. Aim to find some strategies that appeal to you from each category. Anxiety Relief Techniques 1. Take a slow breath. Con nue slow breathing for 3 minutes. 2. Drop your shoulders and do a gentle neck roll. 3. State the emo ons you're feeling as words, e.g., "I feel angry and worried right now." (Aloud but to yourself.) 4. Massage your hand, which will ac vate oxytocin. 5. Put something that's out of place in its place. (Physical order o en helps us feel a sense of mental order.) 6. Take a day trip somewhere with natural beauty. 7. Ask yourself, "What's the worst that could happen?" Then, ask yourself, "How would I cope if that happened?" Now answer those ques ons. 8. Take a break from ac vely working on solving a problem and allow your mind to keep processing the problem in the background. Some mes answers will come to you when not focusing on it. 9. Take a bath. 10. Forgive yourself for not foreseeing a problem that occurred. 11. Throw out something from your bathroom or even be er your garage. (The order principle again.) 12. Take a break from watching the news or reading newspapers….mostly nega ve. 13. Make a phone call you've been pu ng off. 14. Write an email or a le er you've been pu ng off. 15. Take another type of ac on on something you've been pu ng off. 16. Throw something out of your fridge. 17. Try a guided mindfulness medita on. (Google for free mp3 downloads. There are some good ones out there.) 18. Take a break from researching a topic you've been over- researching. Strategies to Beat Anxiety 50 50 How to Beat Anxiety: The Self-Experiment Approach 85 Percent of What We Worry About Never Happens

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