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40 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 41 Biker Church Mission Statement: Journey Biker Church will follow Jesus' example to live the Gospel, in the words we speak and by our lives ac ons - We will show God's love. Sacrificing to serve those who have been beaten up and think their lives don't count. JBC is here to say, "You ma er to God - He knows you by name; and who sent us to find you." Standing behind a 1940's retro gas pump pulpit, Pastor Jim O'Brien leads his congrega on at 701 Bear Creek Pike located in Columbia, TN, 43 miles south of Nashville. Established in 2014 by Jim and his wife, Tammy, Journey Biker Church is known for it's Faith, Hope and Love rides. Pastor Jim speaks of his passion to design and create a church specifically for following Jesus and se ng an example to live the gospel in the words we speak and by our ac ons. With each 6pm, Saturday night church service, the sanctuary is open to anyone in need of God's love and understanding. As the congrega on of mostly bikers con nues to grow, there are a mul tude of different talents working together to help form a strong founda on for the church. What led you to the decision to be a pastor of a biker church? A er being a Children's Pastor for several years, I felt that God was leading me into a new direc on. I thought this meant a new exci ng job was soon to come, but I was mistaken. For three years there was no job and many struggles. With church as is, I spent much of my me wondering and asking God, "What was this all about?" Through this me, I started to study the church in Acts. It said there was no need or want that the church took care of each other. While looking at the modern church, this wasn't always the case. With riding motorcycles for a long me, I saw this more in that community than in the church at mes. Through all this, God brought much healing for me, and a clear understanding of what He wanted from me. I remember the day I told my wife, "I know this may sound crazy, but we are supposed to start a church." In her wisdom she turned to me and said, "I know, I've been wai ng for you!" In September 2013 with no money, no building, and no people we spent many nights praying, seeking, studying and looking to where God wanted us to start Journey Biker Church. In September 2014 the doors of JBC opened! What is the future direc on you would like to take JBC? Interes ng ques on at this me. God has really been showing me where JBC needs to go. The words I am con nually hearing are "Deeper & Ownership." Being almost four years old, I believe that God is asking us to take a step of faith and redefine who we are. This next year will be a me of growing spiritually individually and as a church, and growing as a church family. Several new programs will be started, people stepping up and using their God given talents. I'm really excited about where this year is taking us. 40 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 41

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