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36 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 41 Is there any hope for an extremely obese, alcoholic/drug addict with anger issues? There is if your name is Bro Newman and you are about to have a series of unwanted divine appointments with Jesus. Bro was enjoying more than a few beers in the backyard of his quiet Murrieta, CA home un l he spo ed a rather dignified senior woman inves ga ng the empty dirt lot on the other side of his fence. Heading out GOD Reader's Rides & BIKES By Bro Newman, Lake Elsinore, CA on his quad to inves gate, Bro approached the woman with confidence; ready for a confronta on. It turned out that she was a board member of a church who was considering purchasing the property for their new campus. With a smirk and a smile, Bro invited the woman to jump on the back of his quad for a free tour of the property. Much to his surprise, she agreed! Noisy construc on began soon therea er. Some me later, when the church was finished, the "contemporary Chris an music" began to flow out of the doors and windows of the church, pollu ng Bro's sanctuary and conscience. He quickly walked across the property and confronted one of the pastors (during a church service) saying the music was just "too damn loud" and they'd be er turn it down "or else!" Weeks later, Bro had to return again to the church with the same complaint and threats. It was on one of these occasions that the pastor, filled with the Spirit of God, looked Bro in the eye and asked, "When are you going to give your life to Jesus?" Bro knelt down at the altar and prayed for Jesus to come into his life that day – and He did, Bro is no longer obese and is not using alcohol and drugs. He's not angry anymore, but is full of joy and the Holy Spirit! He ended up a ending that very same church 36 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 41 36 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 41

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