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10 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 41 Mail from the Road Send your feedback to: Info@WheelsOfGrace.com Our Church Loves the magazine! Great articles, very informative. Love reading the articles. Keep doing what you do! Pastor Jim Senior Pastor Journey Biker Church, Columbia TN Peter, I really like having the printed copy. As a veteran who uses the local VA clinic and hospital for my medical needs I like to read them of course and then take them and leave them in one of the waiting rooms for others to read. Phil Redding Jonesville, MI Dear Jim, we do as much as we can to honor and support our Military. Thank you for what you do and for passing on WOG Mag to our Vets. God nudged me when I read your comment and we have added you on the mailing list to receive two copies of the magazine instead of one. So keep a copy for you and give the other away as we are all supposed to do. Trust me when I say this: We have printed hundreds of thousands of magazines over the years and most of the older issues I only have one copy. And Jim? If you like to give both of the copies away, do as the Lord leads you! Thank you Jim, for thinking of another. WOG How can I buy a WOG pin and patch? Tom Ellis Newman GA Dear Tom, first of all let me thank you for your continuous monthly support. As a monthly supporter not only you receive two copies of WOG Mag to give the second to someone but, to show our appreciation we will send you a patch and pin on us! They're on their way. WOG I sent an email to info@ wheelsofgrace about my subscription. It is from RayMoore@.....com. Sometimes spam filters send it to trash because it's a company email, so I wanted to let you know I sent it. My mechanic I refer to is Mike Sā€¦. I'll probably be giving him my magazines after I've read them. Kevin was a Seargant of Arms in the Cossacks MC but left the club after Waco. He is off now recovering from open-heart surgery. Ray Moore Tyler, TX Dear WOG, I think if you did a feature on my bike more people would get to see it. Take a look at the below and let me know what you think. Sean Barulli Las Vegas, NV Dear Sean, thank you for reaching out. Beautiful ride indeed! If you have a good story to go with it we are very interested. Let's talk. WOG Airline Pilot's Cockpit at 30,000 feet Therapists Ofc Waiting Room, FL YOU FIND WHEELS OF GRACE MAG IN SOME OF THE MOST UNUSUAL PLACES!! BSHDFC Booth Connecticut F.A.I.T.H Riders Booth Daytona, FL Bike Week Pastor's Bike Wyoming Helfighters Booth Sturgis, South Dakota Hellfighters Bike Shop Mississippi Shocco Springs, Alabama SUBSCRIBE TODAY TO GET YOUR MAGAZINES OR RENEW AND SAVE! Atlanta Harley-Davidson

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