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In the farming/gardening world there is this exciting expectation of cultivating a new plot or area that has never been used before. I've done it many times in my own experience and the anticipation of what it would produce is exhilarating! Our farm is absolutely "new ground" because no one is doing what we are doing in this area and we are creating this model from the ground up. As such, we've made lots of mistakes but have had incredible stories of families learning to grow their own food and living a more sustainable lifestyle. So mission accomplished right? Not so much. Abby's Health Food Store has contributed money to make this dream a reality for families and we are at the place where the farm and it's loyal volunteers and supporters need to demonstrate its own sustainability. If the farm is important to you - and we are part of your core values - then you should support what we are doing. We build and develop the farm to show the next generation that their produce doesn't have to come from a grocery store. You can be proactive to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We conduct workshops monthly to educate the public about nutrition and best practices for growing your own food and living a more sustainable lifestyle. We host hundreds of students (K- 12) about the "value" of doing what we do seasonally, and we hear and see the fruit of those field trips. We host interns that help us with latest and best practices to demonstrate a commitment to higher learning and involve that generation. All of this costs lots of money! Incredibly, Abby's Health Food has been tireless and gracious in its support but the farm was always designed to be self-sustaining and able to support itself eventually. We are at eventually! We are focusing on grant writing and fundraising activities because our farm will in fact support itself and that was always the ultimate goal. As a business owner and father of four during my career I was very selective and careful about the things I supported. I believe our farm is "good ground" to plant your financial seeds. As a qualified 501(c)3 non profit organization, I actually see and hear the difference we are making in people's lives and would encourage you to support what we are doing. How can you help? We would love you to simply go online to "donate" at the button on our website: However, if you would like to sponsor the farm, sponsor a specific project or write a check, you can contact me directly at the information below: David "Farmer Dave" Housefield (813) 393-6039 Plowing New Ground Plowing New Ground Abby's Magazine - Volume 6 Issue 3 | Page 13

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