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I am a Chris an… I am Christ-like… Ego emay Chreesteanos, In Greek: Εγώ είμαι Χριστιανός. The Greek/Greek dic onary defines the word Chris an (Χριστιανός) as: he who believes in the religion that Jesus established. The most important part of that is being: Go and tell them the Good News and make Disciples (the Greek word students). What is Christ-like? He is loving, and kind, and all the fruit of the Spirit and all the posi ve we can think of. But what is He primarily? He is a witness! The word "Marteeras" in Greek (where we get the word "martyr" in English) does not only mean to suffer but it also means to witness. In the Greek grammar and context it actually means more "to witness" or "to tes fy" than "to suffer". Jesus came to earth to witness about the Father's love and set us free by taking our penal es on His cross. OUR PENALTIES ON HIS CROSS. He gave up everything. He humbled Himself from God status to God-Man status and lived a human life while God at the same me. Something none of us can ever understand. Why would we want to anyway? If I understood all the ways of the God I am serving, He is too small for me to serve. Instead I choose to live by faith in Him. We dream of owning a motorcycle or we own one. We go through the process of joining a Chris an M/M or M.C. We get our colors and now we are, a CHRISTIAN BIKER. And we ride to the next church service, to the next lunch, to the next mee ng and to the dealership to see if our parts came in. We get off our bike everywhere we go, we get off our bike physically. But do we get off our bike spiritually? Once we arrive, are we s ll riding in our mind, or are we using our cut, our Chris an riding shirt, our cross or paint job on our bike to start a conversa on? Indeed, some mes a bystander, someone watching us will start the conversa on. But Peter got out of the boat and walked on water. He would have NEVER walked on it if he didn't get out. Some look at it as Peter walked on water but he started to drown. Few look at it as he walked on water, the other eleven did not. They will never know what it's like to walk on water. They will never know what it's like to take their eyes off Jesus, focus on the surroundings and start to drown. But they will also never know what it's like for the Master to pull you up when drowning. In order to experience all that, Peter had to get out of the boat. Now let me ask you: if Peter rode a motorcycle do you think he would get off his bike? I KNOW he would. Peter was bold. Peter was ambi ous. Peter was fearless in good ways and some mes in bad. But Peter was also the one that introduced Christ to 3,000 people (Acts 2). What do you think took more courage? To get out of the boat, trust Jesus and walk on water? Or to get off your bike, trust Jesus and start a conversa on with someone about riding, about the beau ful or not so beau ful weather, about his bike, about anything you can relate to… like where did you he or she get their Ink done? Or, the paint job on their bike? In my life I have done much, seen much and experienced much. More than most and less than others. I hope one day you get to hear or read my tes mony. But the thing that I emphasize the most when people ask is the following: "There is nothing like, seeing someone's life change in front of your eyes!" That feeling must be like walking on water! Just like when Peter walked on water God took over, and as Peter trusted Jesus you can trust Him and see someone's life change in front of your eyes. Jesus said: "Go and tell them…" (Mark 16:15). So next me, get off your bike and walk on water like Peter did. But Jesus also said: "…and make Disciples." That part is for the next issue of WOG Mag. 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