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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 7 from, depending on their computing and mobility needs. One of the consequences has been greater reliance on the cloud. Although these devices today are powerful compared with desktop PCs of 10 or 15 years ago, they're still relatively underpowered—in part because battery technology limits their capabilities. A mobile device that dies in a few minutes or an hour is of little value. And that reliance on the cloud has been one factor in the centralization of resources in data centers—a trend that in some ways is now reversing as data centers move to the "edge." (Still, though, resources are centralizing under the ownership of fewer entities.) Smartphones and tablets were once hailed as the inevitable replace- ment for PCs, but the PC remains the workhorse of productivity. (Try running Photoshop on your smart- phone—and try getting something done in a timely fashion—and see what happens.) e trend toward smaller devices has continued, though, with the IoT. As more prod- ucts incorporate an Internet-con- nected processor, more networking, computing and storage services will be necessary to keep them working. e only question is how much of life can, should and will be turned over to machines. ConCLuSionS Each year has unique head- lines, but the underlying stories are generally the same. Companies and consumers are rushing to identify and obtain the latest technologies, ev- eryone is trying to maintain security against criminals, certain technolo- gies on the horizon are hyped up (usually well beyond their capability to deliver), and overall economic fac- tors either instigate or allay worries. Although security is likely the biggest story and will probably remain so in 2018, interesting spending dynamics characterized data centers and IT in 2017. e rush in data center spend- ing, yet the flat IT spending, say much about the industry—and leave plenty of room to speculate as well. is past year say the one-decade anniversary of the iPhone, but it also saw a grow- ing consensus that Moore's Law is dead. No doubt the next year—and the next decade—will be a similar mix: more of the same, but with dis- tinctive details. n print scale None Production Round 1F 2017_DataCenter_New_print_8.75x5.875_National.indd E F F ICIE N T NE W DATA CE N T E R, ME E T IDE AL E NE RGY PART NE R. You may not know about Xcel Energy's Data Center program. You may not have heard of the free personalized energy modeling services and rebates we provide. Or of our certified sites and data-center-friendly climates in Colorado and Minnesota. The sooner you learn about all the ways we can help improve the efficiency of your new data center construction or renovation project, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits. Learn more at New construction and renovation projects with at least 1MW of IT load are eligible. © 2017 Xcel Energy Inc. T:8.75" T:5.875"

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