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Hi! I'm Heather the Hygienist and I've been a dental hygienist for over 20 years. When pa ents would ask me what mouthwash I would recommend I was never able to suggest any of the commercial products on the market today because of all the harmful and toxic ingredients in them. Most people do not realize the link between your mouth and your overall health. Underneath your tongue is the most vascular area of your whole body. That's why if you put a Nitro Glycerin tablet under your tongue it bypasses your GI tract and goes right into your cardiovascular system. So, if you are using commercial products (even some so- called natural ones), then think about what you're pu ng into your body. The most common ingredient in commercial mouthwashes is alcohol. Alcohol is linked to BOTH throat and mouth cancer. It is extremely drying to the oral mucosa in your mouth and is very harmful. Another ingredient to watch out for is something called Poloxamer 407. Here is a quote from the MSDS (Material Safety Data) sheet, "Special Remarks on Chronic Effects on Humans: May contain trace amounts of Ethylene oxide, and 1,4-Dioxane which may cause cancer. May contain trace amounts of Ethylene oxide which may cause adverse reproduc ve effects." Specifically, it has been linked to breast cancer. There is also sodium saccharine which is a known carcinogen, coal tar dyes that are banned in other countries, and something called Methyl salicylate which is toxic to the blood, lungs, the nervous system and mucous membranes. Also, there is another nasty chemical to watch out for called Cetylpyridinium Chloride Heather the Hygienist or CPC. This is found in pes cide and yes, in one of the most popular commercial mouthwashes on shelves today. Of course, we are all familiar with fluoride, which prior to the crea on of the FDA in 1938 was used as a rat poison but it was grandfathered-in to the system. Harvard studies show that fluoride reduces your IQ and other studies confirm higher incidences of bone cancer among other cancers. What are the effects of con nual use over a life me with these commercial products? Just look at the back of your toothpaste box. It says HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED, CONTACT POISON CONTROL. Gee, I wonder why! Unfortunately, there are ZERO long term health studies on the overall effects of these chemicals in our system. That's why I always encourage people to be their own health advocate. Thankfully, there are more natural products on the market today that do not contain cancer in a bo le. The safest and most effec ve base for a mouthwash is colloidal silver. My favorite is none other than Simply Silver Mouthwash (SSM). Simply Silver Mouthwash uses colloidal silver as its base, unlike alcohol. It has been around for well over a thousand years and is used in burn units and diabe c wound centers for its healing proper es. Silver is naturally an -inflammatory, an -bacterial, an -viral, an -parasi c and an -fungal. It is safe to use with mercury (silver) fillings as well, unlike a hydrogen peroxide base that leaches mercury into your system. What's in YOUR mouthwash? What's in YOUR mouthwash? Brought to you By Page 6 | Abby's Magazine -

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