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There is a long way to go before we correct ALL the factors in the oral cavity that inhibit the body from opera ng in health, for the en re popula on! Earlier dental solu ons, our western diet and our post industrial chemically- laced lifestyles, all add up to a challenging environment for the body with an alarming jump in chronic disease and a dras c need for more natural den stry. The worst part for us is, By Dr. Carlo Litano, DMD For the Very Young Natural Dentistry if you can't stop something you consider it normal and apathy is our response! It is just the way it is! As we in Natural Den stry are daily, removing toxic root canals, reducing metals in the mouth, addressing poor bite structure and curbing the prolifera on of disease- causing organisms, we must addi onally focus on the young and see if we can't prevent them from entering the down hill chute producing more of the same results! It isn't normal! Something can be done. This is the stuff I am really passionate about. Page 48 | Abby's Magazine -

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