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Dental amalgam is an alloy that consists mostly of mercury – about 50% – and smaller amounts of other metals such as silver, n, copper and zinc. Inflamma on has been found to be a major factor in many chronic health condi ons, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, arthri s, depression, osteoporosis, periodontal disease, joint s ffness, chronic fa gue, fibromyalgia, age-related immune dysfunc on, etc. Many studies have found exposure to mercury and other heavy metals to be common causes of such condi ons. There has never been a me in US history when mercury was not known to be extremely toxic. There has never been a me when there was credible evidence that dental amalgam is safe. Medical studies from the 1800s onward documented the harm to pa ents from mercury exposure via amalgam fillings. Den sts who used amalgam were known as "quacks" – slang derived from the German word for mercury, quecksilber. By the late 1900s, there were thousands of peer-reviewed studies documen ng high mercury exposures from amalgam use and common adverse health effects. There are s ll no credible studies demonstra ng that amalgam is safe. Due to mercury's con nued use in den stry, dental amalgam has proven to be the largest source of mercury in wastewater. Much of that comes directly from dental offices, but plenty also comes courtesy of the amalgam fillings that millions of people are living with every day. In fact, it has been es mated that the average person with mul ple amalgams – or metal crowns over amalgams – excretes 30 micrograms of mercury into sewage systems each day. The high environmental costs of mercury are one reason why 140 na ons have signed on to the Global Mercury Emissions Treaty, which includes provisions for phasing out mercury's use in den stry. Some countries – most notably Norway and Sweden – have already banned amalgam use all together. Others limit its use for women and children. Some governments – like the state government of California – require health warnings to be posted where amalgam is used. The Use of Metals In Dentistry By: Leo Cashman Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS) Page 44 | Abby's Magazine -

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