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Abby's Magazine - Volume 5 Issue 6 | Page 41 Natural Approaches to Gum Problems, Tooth Pain, & Worn Teeth The reason to go to a dentist has always been "pain." As long as things are working fine there is no real "call to action" for most people. Pain can come on suddenly and it is not easily tolerated, particularly in this very active and necessary part of daily life. When pain strikes, it demands immediate attention. Unfortunately, this urgency from the public has lead the dental profession to focus too narrowly on 'pain solutions' and not take into consideration how these solutions may interfere, down the line, with overall health. Pain abatement, or aesthetics of the teeth for that matter, is not the whole story. What has come to the fore, in the last three years alone, dwarfs what was our previous operational knowledge on how the body works. It is clear the mouth is an integral part of an amazing and complex set of body systems involving a multitude of chemical action and reaction per second, with millions of microorganisms supporting the host. It is a system driven by multiple renewable energy sources and coordinated by lightning fast communications that monitor and energize movement, while at the same time maintain internal balance for body defense and repair. We have learned to appreciate what part the mouth plays so we look for oral conditions that limit the natural functioning of the body and have developed protocols to eliminate these barriers. Here are some natural approaches to the mouth that support a body designed for health. Natural Approaches to Gum Problems, Tooth Pain, & Worn Teeth Natural Approaches to Gum Problems, Tooth Pain, & Worn Teeth By Ray Behm Jr, DDS

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