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Good question. With so many different prescriptions for good health 'out there,' putting forward another one seems contrary to reason. Well, let's see if our formula holds up! The formula we are talking about has a list of "causative elements" for achieving health on the left side of the equal sign (=) and Physical Health on the other. These causative elements, if taken into account, would support the body to maintain a natural balance according to its inherent design. A Useful Tool for Decision Making Understanding the "causative elements" in the Health Formula would be something to know, at least as a guide in making decisions and coming to conclusions when confronted by a very chaotic health scene. As readers of this magazine, we are all "health conscious" to some degree but still there are competing confusions in the data regarding health remedies, proper nutrition, etc. Plus, how do we decide what to do and not do in coping with an environment full of man-made chemicals in food, water, air, beauty products, cleaning products, and medicines? What Initiates Disease? If we listened to Louis Pasteur the formula might be: One Germ + One Vaccine = Health, following the idea that diseases are solely germ caused. Our new Health Formula takes a different tact and looks at disease, not as a result of one hostile bacteria or virus, but rather as a result of body systems breaking down and going into overwhelm. Germs are not the cause. They appear on the scene after the systemic imbalances occur, the immune system is overworked, the body chemistry has been altered and electrical energy is low. Said another way, illness is the result of multiple changes that take place when normal biology is thrown off. When we exceed the tolerances of a body on too many fronts, it goes from heath into cope, into decline, and then on its own accord, will hasten death! By Ray Behn Jr. DDS I s T h e re a Fo r m u l a fo r H e a l t h ? Abby's Magazine - Volume 5 Issue 6 | Page 21

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