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Been thinking of going away for a while? At mes we make that statement a er a ques on about where we are in life. We all think we need to get away from a place, when in reality we need to get away from ourselves. No ma er where you go you're going to be there and with you. I've thought about taking a road trip to a place I've never been to before, only in route to that place, I will have to travel over some familiar ground un l I have reached a point beyond my comfortable familiar surroundings. Once I reach that place, I am in a place I've never been. Are you following me so far? It is only when we have come to the end of ourselves that we truly see where we can go. "THE ROADS, JESUS HAS SEEN YOU GO DOWN" In 1857 our country's war department ordered that a road be built along the 35th parallel of this con nent, which became known as "Highway 66." Did you know that, they wanted the southwest sec on of the road going through the desert to be used for camels and for pack animals? In 1927 "US 66" was signed into law, planners intended the highway to connect the main streets of rural and urban communi es along the 2,450 miles of roads from Chicago to Los Angeles. IT IS ONLY WHEN WE HAVE COME TO THE END OF OURSELVES THAT WE TRULY SEE WHERE WE CAN GO On June 27th 1985, Route 66 was removed from the United States Highway system. Only some sec ons are designated a "Na onal Scenic Byway" Called "Historic Route 66." The number "66" reminds me of another Historic Highway, The Bible. It contains "66" books to direct a person through this highway of life. Disciples of Jesus were called to follow Him, others were following the ones who followed Jesus. Twelve le all their comfortable and familiar surroundings, coming to the end of themselves and only being able to see where their faith in Jesus was leading them. You must have an adventurous a tude toward any des na on, despite any poten al personal risk. that you haven't yet 16 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 37

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