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HOW MUCH IS MY CASE WORTH THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION WHATS MY CASE WORTH? THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION WHATS MY CASE WORTH? By Susan Handel, Esq. Susan Handel Motorcycle Lawyer Although every motorcycle accident is different, each serious injury motorcycle accident has one thing in common-with moun ng medical bills, pain and suffering and lost income, you feel like your life has changed forever. And the number one ques on from seriously injured motorcycle vic ms con nues to be, "How much is my case worth"? Your case worth will be defined by the details of your accident. I don't recommend trus ng anyone who gives you a number without knowing the specific details of your motorcycle accident-both from a medical and liability point of view. A price tag should not be placed on the value of your motorcycle case early on because it is very difficult to be fully aware of all of your injuries and the medical care you will require from your accident. These are only a few of the more common a er effects that an injured motorcyclist cannot account for immediately following their accident; however, they represent some of the most cri cal pieces to your personal injury claim arising from your accident. Down the road you will become thankful that no one placed a price tag on your accident early on. Why? Because over me you will become more aware of how your motorcycle accident affected your life and what your real damages are. THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION WHATS MY CASE WORTH? HOW MUCH IS MY CASE WORTH FACTORS CONSIDERED IN DETERMINING THE VALUE OF YOUR CASE • The extent of your injuries • The extent of your medical care • Whether you will need future medical care • Whether you had surgery and/or whether you will need surgery in the future • The cost of your medical bills • Whether you have sustained permanent damage or loss of func on • Whether you sustained scarring or disfigurement • Whether you lost income from work • Who were the medical providers that you treated with • Whether you have medical reports from top-notch medical providers advoca ng your case •The extent and length of your recovery ECONOMIC DAMAGES IN A MOTORCYCLE CASE (SPECIAL DAMAGES) • Past and future lost wages • Past and future medical expenses • Motorcycle repair, replacement of customiza on and replacement expenses • Loss of irreplaceable priceless items 12 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 37

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