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Page 28| Abby's Magazine - I encourage all pregnant women to avoid foods that come in so plas c wrap, to avoid hea ng or microwaving foods in plas c containers, and to use glass storage containers and drink only out of glass water bo les rather than plas c ones. Body products, including many cosme cs, may also contain a variety of toxins and heavy metals. Lead has been found in many brands of lips ck! Household cleaning products can also be sources of toxic exposures. Going green is a sure way to reduce your baby's prenatal exposures to a host of toxins. DON'T EAT FOR TWO – EAT FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH High blood sugar during pregnancy can lead to gesta onal diabetes in mom, which increases a baby's risk of becoming a diabe c adolescent or adult. It also increases the risk of cesarean sec on and a host of other medical problems for mom and baby. Many of us take food liber es when we are pregnant, thinking it's ok to give into cravings or eat as many carbs or ice cream as we want – a er all, we're ea ng for two, right? Actually, this is not right at all. Caloric needs are really only minimally increased during the first trimester of pregnancy, and even though the need increases as pregnancy con nues up un l the last trimester, the maximum increased caloric needs are only the equivalent of about a half a sandwich and a glass of milk per day! Focus on keeping your blood sugar balanced by ea ng a protein, a good-quality fat, and a healthy carbohydrate (such as a whole grain) at every meal, along with ample amounts of green vegetables daily. Snacks should be high quality and protein-rich. Eat regularly to avoid dras c blood sugar fluctua ons, and avoid sugar, white flour products, and excessive intake of starchy foods, as well as all juices, sodas, and other sweetened drinks. Health is Your Baby's Birth Rite We owe it to our kids to give them every chance they can get to start life out with op mal health. It is clear that op mal health begins before birth and sets the template for health throughout life. I know that pregnancy can be an overwhelming me. These 5 steps are actually quite simple when you make them a way of life. And when con nued beyond pregnancy you are raising your family with the best kind of insurance policy: good health.

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