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Wind Therapy By: Dave "Road Sage" Dildine For the biker, awareness cannot be "preached" enough. Awareness involves con nually monitoring: traffic, road condi ons, weather, blind spots, speed, upcoming hazards, bike performance, etc., etc., etc. We must always be aware of all of these things and not get caught up in focusing on the wrong things. A surprised biker may become an injured biker. The best way to ride down a "carefree highway" is to always be aware of all that is going on around you. I mean, that is why we do this isn't it. For the exposure to life and all it has to offer, to not be isolated in a "cage". This need for awareness is especially true in our spiritual walk as well. In Judges 7, there is a great story of the way God works in this world. At this me Israel was being led by a man named Gideon. He wasn't really a warrior, but God had chosen him and told him he would deliver the na on through him. At that me their neighbors were the Midianites. These guys would come riding into town at harvest me each year to take all the food that Israel had raised. Like a massive biker gang preying on a small town, kind of like the movie "Wild Hogs" but not as goofy. "Awareness" The key to success and safety on all roads of life Gideon gathered 32,000 men to fight against the army of 120,000 Midianites. This was looking like a huge turf war. God however had a different plan. He told Gideon that if he fought with that many men and won then he could take credit for the victory. God however wanted to show His power for His Glory. So he cut down the size of Gideon's army in two ways. He s ll uses these methods to determine who He will use today. The first thing He did was to tell Gideon that if anyone was afraid they could go home. With that 22,000 went home. Bravery is not about being fearless it is about figh ng through fear. God tells us "Do not be afraid" 365 mes in the Bible, one for each day of the year. Fear happens, but it is what you do with that fear that can make or break you. As bikers, we already enjoy a dangerous ac vity, that most are afraid to try. We need to give ourselves fearlessly to the One who created us, no ma er what He may ask us to do. Now that Gideon was down to 10,000 men, I am sure he thought the "downsizing" was over. I mean to have 10,000 defeat 120,000 would definitely show God's power right??? God always takes us one step further than we are comfortable with. Next he told Gideon to take the 10,000 down to drink and all those that put their face to the water to send them home and those that drank from their hands he could keep. Gideon must have freaked out when he saw that only 300 drank that way! Why did God send those that drank with their faces down home? When you put your face to the water all you see is your reflec on. You are not aware of anything else around you. God does not use people who only see themselves. He uses those that drink from "living water" but have their head up looking at all going on around them. Awareness is as important in the spiritual realm as it is on the highway. In the end God used 300 men to destroy the 120,000 Midianite war machine. This was something only God can do. He is prepared to do even greater miracles in this day. He is raising up people that He will use to bring the world to Him. He will not use the intrepid or the self absorbed. He will not use the mul tudes but will use a small group that gives Him the Glory. Are you a part of that group? You can be. All it takes is awareness and willingness. As a biker you are already more aware than most people. Tune into what God is doing in your life, you can't imagine the roads He may take you down. Ride with des ny, Dave Dildine 16 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 36

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