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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 21 center. But the cloud goes further, cre- ating a layer of obfuscation between infrastructure users and the infra- structure itself. ese companies, for the most part, have the expertise to manage servers and network infrastructure. at institutional knowledge goes to good use with colocation. e cloud, which promises simplicity, delivers a different sort of complexity. Companies that have managed servers for decades have experienced embarrassing and expensive failures when attempting cloud migrations. Building highly available infrastruc- ture on a cloud platform is no walk in the park, as evidenced by the scramble to build tooling around cloud plat- forms that can abstract some of that complexity and provide an acceptable user experience. Lack of insight is a serious problem here. How can a company that relies on a cloud platform be sure its cost and performance profile won't "evolve" to suit the needs of the cloud company to the detriment of users? With dedicated hardware, users know exactly what they're getting for their infrastructure investment; perfor- mance and costs are predictable and consistent. Over the last few months, several well-publicized outages have occurred on large cloud platforms. Outages can happen anywhere, but IT depart- ments don't like to spend their time frantically refreshing status pages until the platform is fixed and they can do something productive. Coloca- tion offers the advantage of insight: if something goes wrong, the company can handle it internally according to its needs. e cloud is probably the most significant innovation of the last couple of decades in the infrastructure hosting and data center space, but that doesn't mean it's always the right choice. Many established companies have a good reason for preferring dedicated servers colocated in a world-class data center. n about the author: Chris Schwarz is the CEO of Cyber Wurx, a premium colocation-services provider with a world-class data center in Atlanta, Georgia. The company also specializes in dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting. Check out the Cyber Wurx hosting blog at A few simple changes to wiring and grounding can make a big impact. Let CDA help you protect your facility from a serious hit to productivity and more. If your facility isn't properly wired and grounded, you can experience some major consequences from lightning or other power fluctuations. Visit to learn tips and suggestions that others have applied in a cost-effective manner. Getting the wiring and grounding right is fundamental to reliability. Our white papers and videos help you figure it out. And we can present an informative group seminar to your staff or organization. Together, we can help shield your facility from power quality issues. *Check with your board for approval guidelines. No charge for non-profits; for-profit companies only pay for CDA's travel expenses. Please see our web site for available topics. Free in-house seminars that may lead to PDHs*! Visit to set one up today!

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