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Page 60 | Abby's Magazine - The word "Community" in our name is not just a catch phrase or just something in vogue today. Some of our wonderful volunteers have described below what the farm has meant to them and why they are out there... a lot. Experiencing a sense of belonging, of working and learning together, was a central thought in our vision for the farm. Enjoy reading what others say about what we are doing at Abby's farm and maybe we are just what you need. "In the sunshine, on the land, I am the closest to Zen as any yoga class! My grandmother and dad were avid gardeners and their love and exper se was woven into me at an early age. As a re red educator and strong steward of the earth, Abby's farm is perfect place for me to con nue to provide healthy, organic food for my family. I know of nowhere else where you are provided a bed of rich soil for free! A golden opportunity for our community! Most importantly, I am able to share techniques, make friends, and ins ll these intrinsically mo va ng experiences in our future genera ons through farm workshops and field trips. The farm feeds me body, mind and soul." Nancy Niemann Director of Educa on, Abby's Organic Community Farm "I was introduced to Abby's Organic Farm by my good friends and neighbors, Todd and Rita Wickner, the established volunteers at "the farm". For me it was love at first sight and I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of what was happening and what was going to happen there. I have been a backyard and indoor gardener for years star ng my hobby in Bri sh Columbia in the 70's. This is the first volunteer job I have had in years and I knew it would be a fit, firstly for the convenience of the loca on but also for the people involved and the mission of the organiza on. I have o en been referred to by my family as an organic jihadist for my passion to healthy clean food. This farm epitomizes just that! I have enjoyed being part of so many of the commi ees only because I love to see what is happening throughout the ac vi es of the farm seeing it as a whole vibrant en ty. The excitement of the school field trips is invigora ng as those young minds are expanded learning where there food comes from and they too can plant a seed and grow their own. The farm gives so much to me personally, from a great place for fresh air, exercise (lost 30 lbs. since joining!), new friendships, great food, and educa on. The farm is my "happy place" where I leave behind whatever else is going on in my world." Nicole e MacGregor "I first heard about the farm from a Facebook pos ng from my girlfriend Elsa. She wrote about being a volunteer at Abby's community farm and growing vegetables in her raised bed. Fresh vegetables sound good to me so I met with David Housefield and before I knew it I had my own raised bed to start my vegetable garden. I have done very li le gardening but have learned so much in the past 1 1/2 years. Nothing goes to waste in my house anymore. My husband and I save every scrap and make our own compost for home use and our raised bed at the farm. When I am at the farm tending my own bed I also help water other gardens, pull weeds, plant vegetables and help out where needed. Not everyone can get there as o en as I can. We now have chickens on the farm and they have just started laying eggs. We all get so excited as the eggs are counted every day. I collected 8 eggs yesterday that were s ll warm when I picked them up. How exci ng is that? About Abby's Farm Community Community About Abby's Farm

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